Pair of Camel Bone Feng Shui Chi Lin with Ball and Baby


This Pair of Camel Bone Feng Shui Chi Lin with Ball and Baby is great for those who want to add a feng shui touch in their office spaces, shops, or living rooms.

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This immaculate pair of Chi Lin standing magnificently are made of ivory imitation resin designed to guard entrances of homes and business premises when placed flanking the door facing outward. The male Chi Lin is depicted holding a globe to signify a global network and fortune coming from all directions. On the other hand, the female is holding her child to symbolize her support and nurturing for the family and business. They are beautiful and stylish with the gesture of victory. This pair of Chi Lin is ready to assist you in gathering fortune. For best results, place the male Chi Lin on the left (inside looking out) and the female Chi Lin on the right of the door. Besides that, Chi Lin also has great protective abilities believed to be the ultimate form of protection for some. This powerful creature is said to deter anyone intending to cause your harm, ward off harmful people, danger and is capable of scaring away wandering evil spirits.

Chi Lin is a mythical creature and guardian of the heavenly gates possessing the head of a dragon and the body of a horse with carp-like scales on its body. This combination produces the most special results and qualities: dragon head blows cosmic chi from its celestial breath that benefits the surrounding feng shui and hence brings prosperity and good career luck. Chi Lin’s horse body symbolizes great ambitions, good health, strength, perseverance, success, and fame. The scales of the carp signifies abundance and prosperity. The patterns on Chi Lin’s back were used to derive the earlier heaven Bagua, a great Taoism symbol used in the study of the natural laws of Heaven and the Universe.

Chinese adore Chi Lin, also known as Kei Loon, Qi Lin, or the Chinese unicorn. Traditionally, Chi Lins are used to guarding the front entrance to the house. Chi Lins are also used to protect businesses like casinos, hotels, antique shops, etc. Chi Lin is often being associated with the extremely lucky symbols of fortune and happy blessings. It is often depicted standing or sitting on a bed of wealth like coins and gold ingots to represent growing wealth luck and steady income luck. Owning the auspicious Chi Lin will bring you prosperity and protection.

This Beautiful Pair of Camel Bone Feng Shui Chi Lin with Ball and Baby is great for those who want to add a feng shui touch to their office spaces, shops, or living rooms.

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