Pair of Pig Lucky Charm with Ruyi


The combined energies of Pair of Pig Lucky Charm with Ruyi will bring you abundance, good health, career luck, success, and good fortune.

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Crafted from translucent red resin, this is an adorable pair of cute and chubby pigs perching playfully on a Ruyi.

Eastern cultures and traditions believe that pigs represent having a sufficient food supply and material joy, fertility, safety, and prosperity. In ancient China owning a mother pig could provide a consistent source of income and provide a good living for the entire family. This has translated in modern times to represent good wealth luck and abundance. Depicted here with a Ruyi or scepter (meaning “as you wish” 如意 in Chinese) it symbolizes power and authority which in turn leads to the achievement of goals and subsequent abundance. Thus, this item is ideal for boosting one’s career luck, promises respect and recognition, and ensures smoothness of business pursuits. The pig is also a symbol of fertility. A pair of pigs is also believed to be a perfect gift for newlyweds since they bring fertility and money luck to the happy couple.

Display the Pair of Lucky Pig Charm with Ruyi anywhere you desire to usher in good chi that promotes good health, longevity, and prosperity luck into your home or office throughout the year. Placing in the Southeast corner of your home, office, or business premises will bring in more customers and sales or bring you promotion and salary increment luck. For those yearning for children, place a pair of pigs by your bedside to increase fertility. Besides being a charming showpiece, the combined energies of these powerful symbols will bring you abundance, good health, career luck, success, good fortune and guard you against harm and misfortune.

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Translucent Red