Peach Blossom Rabbit – East (for Tiger, Horse or Dog)


If you are a Tiger, Horse or Dog person, place this Peach Blossom Rabbit to activate your Peach Blossom luck.

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If you are single looking for love and long term commitment, attached and waiting for a marriage proposal, detached and seeking a new relationship, or in a rocky relationship and wishing to sustain and enhance your love and romance, the following Feng Shui Peach Blossom formula or “Tao Hua” formula is what you must seriously learn to apply in order to activate your Peach Blossom luck. The good news is this formula is extremely easy to apply, and yet powerful.

First, find out what your Chinese horoscope animal is. If you are a Tiger, Horse, or Dog person, your Peach Blossom animal is Rabbit. Then, place this Peach Blossom Green Rabbit with Double Happiness symbol figurine in the East sector of your bedroom and you’re done! You can also place it in the sector corresponding to your horoscope sign.

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