Pewter Golden Temple Lions


Position this Pewter Golden Temple Lions at the main door facing outward to safeguard your home or office against evil influences, and even theft.

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These high-quality Temple Lions are made of pewter and gold plated to a shiny finishing. They are embellished with green sparkling crystal eyes that look very much alive. The Temple Lions symbolize great strength and great courage to protect and guard you and your family against evil and harm.

Flank outside your main door with a pair of the Temple Lions for protection against intangible evil forces.

What the Temple Lion symbolizes and its Application in Symbolism Feng Shui:

Temple Lions, normally seen as a pair, are mythical animals and guardians of the heavenly gate. They have fear-inspiring faces and muscular bodies and are believed to be protectors that ward off evil influences and spirits. Since ancient times, the protective guardian Temple Lions were placed in front of all the palaces and temples. It is their task to probe the mind and intentions of the entering guest. It is said that people with good thoughts can pass by the Temple Lions unhindered, but they see through bad people and refuse them entry. The Temple Lions also nourish Chi that enters the home or business premises and thus bring in good fortune.

Here is how you can use the Temple Lions to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. Position a pair of Temple Lions fairly high at the main door facing outward to safeguard your home or office against evil influences, and even theft. You can also place them on a small table opposite your main door.

2. In Flying Star Feng Shui, the Temple Lions made from metal can be used to ward off the evil influences of the #5 yellow star and #2 black star. The #2 black star is also known as the ‘Sickness Star’ which brings illnesses and ailments to occupants while the #5 yellow star is the ‘Disaster Star’ that instigates fights, accidents, and disputes. Placing the Temple Lions in the affected sectors will dilute these adverse energies.

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