Pineapple Liuli Glass Pendant Necklace


The Pineapple Liuli Glass Pendant Necklace is an important symbol of excellent wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

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One-of-a-kind, this lovely necklace features a beautiful pendant made of Liuli glasswork sculpted into the symbol of Pineapple and hangs on an adjustable Chinese cording necklace.

The Chinese sound of Pineapple is similar to “luck coming your way” and hence it has become an important symbol of excellent wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

This item is made from colorful crystal or “Liuli” using the pate-de-Verre technique, an ancient method of casting art glass predominantly used during the Art Nouveau Period. Colorful Crystal is a wonderful material making a wave in the Feng Shui world lately and has a huge following in Asia because of its exquisiteness, fine quality, distinctive luster, and captivating color blend. Every piece made of genuine colorful crystal is one-of-a-kind because it is hand-crafted and hence the color mixture will never be identical. The whole process of producing a colorful crystal piece which involves creating the mold, filling, burning, cooling, and polishing is very delicate and tedious and may take up to a week to complete. Furthermore, the mold used to cast it can be utilized only once before it is disposed of, which explains the relatively much higher price compared with other materials. Nevertheless, the great appeal, class, beauty, and artistry of colorful crystals make it all worth paying for. Perfect for discerning Feng Shui fans.

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