Precious Horse Pendant with Necklace

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Wear this Precious Horse Pendant to bring you wealth, abundance, power, good luck, strength and success.


This is an adorable miniature of a Precious Horse intricately crafted into an intricate pendant from good quality metal and plated in shiny silver chrome. Bearing gifts of jewel and gold ingots, the exquisite Feng Shui Precious Horse is an auspicious symbol for the attainment of wealth. This charming pendant comes together with a strong black cord necklace.

The Horse (seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac) in Chinese Feng Shui symbolizes nobility, perseverance, strength, loyalty, victory, power, freedom, speed, and success. It is believed that placing the Horse figurines in your home or workplace will strengthen and enhance all the good traits and characteristics it represents in family members born in the year of Horse. It is no surprise that you can almost always find paintings and sculptures of horses in Chinese homes and businesses. Besides the mythical Wind Horse, horses in Feng Shui are generally divided into two types- Victory or Tribute/Precious Horses. A Victory Horse is usually depicted in a rearing pose, signifying victory in battle. A Tribute Horse, on the other hand, is shown laden with gifts of gold, jade, coins, or nuggets to offer someone in power. It is thus an excellent image to invite acceptance into the corridors of power, success, and high rank. Receiving or giving a Tribute Horse generates opportunities for mutual benefits.

Wear the Precious Horse Pendant with Necklace to benefit from the protective and beneficial energy of the Precious Horse. Besides being a fabulous accessory, the energy of this powerful symbol will bring you wealth, abundance, power, good luck, strength, and success. This equine beauty is especially ideal for the Sheep born (secret friend) as well as those whose zodiac signs are the Dog and Tiger (horoscope allies) as referring to the horoscope allies and secret friends chart.

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