Red Eagle for Quarrelsome Star


This is an awesome representation of a magnificent Red Eagle symbolically clutching the #3 Quarrelsome Star to dispose of conflicts to a galaxy far far away!

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This is an awesome representation of a magnificent Red Eagle symbolically clutching the #3 Quarrelsome Star to dispose of conflicts to a galaxy far far away!

Birds in general are symbols of freedom, happiness, and new opportunities. They are also used to symbolize love and commitment (such as Mandarin ducks), or good luck and abundance (as in the case of the peacock). Eagles however are in a genre of their own. Who hasn’t heard of the phrase “to soar like an Eagle”- to reach your highest potential with grace, dignity, fearlessness, and foresight. Thus it is little wonder that they have become emblems for strength, courage, vision, keenness, and speed, essential traits of a successful entrepreneur. The display of eagles gives confidence and growth in business. It also develops qualities of leadership like the eagle that like to fly high in the sky and are sharp-witted and have very focused eyesight. This majestic bird will also offer great protection by virtue of its watchful and sharp eyes.

Display this majestic Red Eagle in the sector afflicted by the #3 Dispute Star to quell the angry chi and restore harmony. Additionally the household members the protection and blessings associated with the Eagle symbol.

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