Red Jambhala Tibetan God of Wealth Card


This is a pocket-size carry-along Red Jambhala Tibetan Wealth Charm ideal for your wallet or purse.


This is a pocket-size carry-along Tibetan Wealth Charm ideal for your wallet or purse. It features the image of the red Jambhala or Dzambhala, one of the five Tibetan Buddhist gods of Wealth. Depicted in tight embrace with his consort, holding in his left hand a jewel spitting treasury mongoose and seated on a lotus, sun and moon disc, red Jhambala is the manifestation of Vajrasattva. Also known as “Dzambhala Mapo” in Tibet, he offers protection and helps alleviate poverty and bring wealth to the homes of the suffering beings.

If you are in a financial crisis, you can sincerely chant his mantra to invoke his help. The Mantra for the Red Jambhala God of Wealth is “Om Dzambhala Dzalim Dzaya Nama Mumei E She E, Om Dzachini Dzambhala Dzambhala Svaha.”

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