Red Robe Wealthy Resting Laughing Buddha


You can place the Red Robe Wealthy Resting Laughing Buddha in the living room to repel bad luck, to bring in harmony, and take away quarrellings.

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Laughing Buddha or Budai is an interpretation of the Bodhisattva Maitreya and is the Buddha who is predicted to succeed Gautama Buddha in the future. The importance of laughing Buddha is felt throughout the world since he is considered one of the lucky gods that bring contentment and abundance, and provides to the poor, weak, and neglected. An essential part of the Chinese household, he is the epitome of good fortune, wealth, and happiness. It is said that rubbing his protruding belly brings good luck.

This Laughing Buddha is portrayed as usual looking jovial and carefree. He is shown resting on a big sack and holding a rosary and a gold ingot. The sack is believed to be filled with gold and many precious items for the welfare of the world.

In the Feng Shui art of arranging spaces to fit the environment to achieve balance and harmony, the Laughing Buddha is utilized in many ways to bring wealth, peace, and joy in the office or in the home. You can place the Red Robe Travelling Buddha in the living room or the main area in your office to repel bad luck, to bring in harmony and take away quarrellings, to absorb negative energy, and to emanate auspicious energies. Stick him on your car’s dashboard to ensure safe traveling; on your study desk to enhance education luck or in the sector afflicted by the Three Killings to suppress its ill energies.

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