Sandalwood Three Legged Toad Key Chain


The Sandalwood Three Legged Toad Key Chain can work as a feng shui lucky charm to bring you fortune and blessings.


This is a charming and rustic-looking amulet featuring a Sandalwood carved Money Frog biting a Chinese coin. Tied creatively with a matching cord and decorated with wooden beads, this is a handy and potent activator for wealth.

The Money Frog, also known as the three-legged toad or “Chan Chu” in Chinese is probably the most auspicious symbol of money-making. Money Frogs are synonymous with great wealth in Feng Shui. This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes that will receive the good news of increased wealth or monetary gain. It is a wonderful symbol for wealth and career luck and for the patriarch of the family. Carrying the Wooden Money Frog Keychain is believed to give you a financial boost, invite windfall and enhance your wealth luck.

Sandalwood has a very ancient history and has long been revered by the Jewish, Buddhist, Hindus, as well as almost every other belief system for its vast diversity in attributes. Many Asian temples and religious accessories such as rosaries and staffs are made from sandalwood. This aromatic wood, with its delicate, soft woody scent, relaxes the muscles, clears the mind, and has a generally soothing and uplifting influence. Its healing fragrance is popularly used to clear space of negative energy and stimulate the flow of good chi.

The Sandalwood Three Legged Toad Key Chain, besides being a charming accessory, is a handy Feng Shui amulet with all the protection and blessings associated with the Money Frog symbol and sandalwood. Hang it in your home or car, or pop it in your bag to enjoy peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater prosperity, improved health, and better luck into your life!

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