Seven Precious Royals


If you want a fulfilling life without lacking in anything – material comfort, power, wealth, happiness, and good fortune be sure to invite all the Seven Precious Royals into your home.

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The Seven Precious Royals, also known as the Seven Emblems of Royalty, are the Queen, the Minster, the General, the Magic Wheel, the Elephant, the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel, and the Horse. The Seven Precious Royals are the symbols of the King, Universal Monarch, or Chakravartin in Sanskrit. They denote the diverse abilities or support that a king must have to be a wise, benevolent and judicious ruler, well-loved by his subjects. These seven objects which collectively symbolize secular power, give the King knowledge, resources, and power to rule over his kingdom. In Buddhist interpretation, the secular King represents the spiritual power of the practitioner. The Seven Royals provide boundless wisdom, inexhaustible spiritual resources, and invincible power for the practitioner to overcome all inner and outer obstacles.


The Precious Queen

The Queen represents femininity, where the Chakravartin is the masculine aspect. She symbolizes abundance, descendants, fertility, and family happiness. Being the ultimate matriarch, she oversees the household to ensure everything is in order.


The Precious Minister

The Minister aids the King in carrying out his wishes expeditiously, while the householder provides the very basic support. Endowed with great intelligence, he represents a strategy and provides the planning to carry out works successfully. With the Minister, one always enjoys good counsel, loyalty, and service.


The Precious General

The General symbolizes the power to overcome enemies. He is the great warrior who pledges eternal loyalty and defends what is rightfully yours. With the General, you can feel safe knowing that he will always be there to fight for truth and justice.


The Precious Wheel

The Wheel, more commonly known as the Dharmachakra or Magic Wheel, is one of the most important Buddhist symbols as it represents the teachings of the Buddha and the path to enlightenment. The Dharmachakra is divided into three parts, each representing an aspect of Buddhist practice; the hub (discipline), the spokes (wisdom), and the rim (concentration). With the Magic Wheel, you the advantage of wisdom and time, saying and doing the right thing at the right time.


The Precious Jewel

The Jewel fulfills all the wishes of the Chakravartin and all who come within its sphere of radiance. Possessing magical qualities, the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel is depicted with emanating flames that melt away all your difficulties in life and heal emotional and physical afflictions.


The Precious Elephant

The Elephant is a symbol of the strength of the mind in Buddhism. Exhibiting noble gentleness, the precious elephant serves as a symbol of calm majesty and authority. The Elephant provides you the vehicle and the power to achieve your goals.


The Precious Horse

The Horse is able to travel among the clouds and mirror the Buddha’s abandonment of, or “rising above”, the mundane affairs of worldly existence. Endowed with endless stamina and speed, it hastens the attainment of success and victory in all your endeavors.

If you want a fulfilling life without lacking in anything – material comfort, power, wealth, happiness, and good fortune be sure to invite all the Seven Precious Royals into your home.

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