Singing Bowl With Three Harmony Animals


The Singing Bowl with Three Harmony Animals creates the most harmonic melodies and beautiful echoes, which both heal and cleanse the energy in the area filled with sound.


Singing bowls are excellent for purifying your home, removing negativity, and infusing positive energy. When a room or living space has stagnant chi energy due to inactivity or negative energy after an argument, using a singing bowl can help cleanse and refresh the space with its clear and crisp sound energy. This particular singing bowl features the Three Harmony Animals, known for bringing peace and fostering harmonious relationships in the environment.

The Singing Bowl with 3 Harmony Animals creates the most harmonic melodies and beautiful echoes, which both heal and cleanse the energy in the area filled with the sound. It is for this reason that the cleansing bowl is a perfect gift for a housewarming or shop opening; it is essential in every home and office! Cleansing your office or business area every morning will help to bring in more customers and business opportunities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a singing bowl to cleanse a room:

1. Prepare Your Space: Choose a room or area you want to cleanse. Ensure it’s free from distractions, and if possible, open a window or door to allow negative energy to exit.

2. Hold the Singing Bowl: Hold the singing bowl securely in one hand, with your fingers resting lightly against the sides. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the bowl and your dominant hand to hold the mallet.

3. Set Your Intention: Take a moment to set a clear intention for the cleansing. You might say a silent prayer, affirmation, or simply focus your thoughts on the intention to remove negative energy and bring in positivity.

4. Begin with a Strike: Start by gently tapping the singing bowl with the mallet. This initial strike awakens the bowl’s vibrations and prepares it for the cleansing process.

5. Circulate the Mallet: Using firm yet gentle pressure, begin to rub the mallet in a circular motion around the outer rim of the singing bowl. Keep the pressure consistent as you move the mallet around the rim.

6. Create Resonance: As you continue to rub the mallet along the rim, the singing bowl will produce a resonating sound. Maintain a steady pace and even pressure to keep the sound continuous.

7. Walk Through the Room: While the singing bowl produces sound, walk through the room in a clockwise direction (traditionally seen as the direction of energy flow) or wherever you feel drawn. Allow the sound to permeate every corner of the room.

8. Focus on Intentions: As you move through the space, keep your focus on your cleansing intention. Visualize or feel the negative energy being transformed into positive, harmonious energy.

9. Settling the Energy: When you’ve completed a full circuit of the room, stop rubbing the rim of the bowl. The sound will gradually fade away. As it does, imagine the room filled with positive energy.

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