Tai Sui 2015 Protection Talisman


This Tai Sui Protection Talisman is specially designed for protection from the wrath of the Grand Duke Jupiter in 2015.

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This Tai Sui Talisman is specially designed for protection from the wrath of the Grand Duke Jupiter in 2015. The front of the talisman features the image of General Yang Xian (杨仙), the Grand Duke who takes charge of worldly affairs in 2015. On the back is the talisman to appease the Tai Sui.

Tai Sui or also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter is widely respected and paid attention to by the Chinese. Each year, the Chinese will identify his location in the home/working premises so as not to inadvertently disturb him. An offended Tai Sui will bring you misfortunes, from mild to severe kind. It is also important to check if your horoscope sign is in direct conflict with the Grand Duke of the year. In 2015 it is imperative for those born in the years of the Goat, Ox, Dragon, and Dog to have this protective talisman. However, it is highly recommended for everyone to carry one even if your horoscope sign is not in conflict, directly or indirectly with Tai Sui because you may unknowingly sleep or sit facing him, which will also incur his wrath. Better be safe than sorry!

Wafer-thin yet durable, the Tai Sui 2015 Protection Talisman card fits conveniently into any wallet or purse. You can also pop it into your handbag or between the pages of the notebook you always have with you. Just make sure it is always near you to be blessed with peace, protection, happiness, and prosperity.

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