Ten Large Auspicious Brass Coins


These Ten Large Auspicious Brass Coins are deemed potent in magnifying your wealth luck.


These are not the exact replicas of ancient Chinese coins but are improved versions. Not only are they larger than the conventionalĀ I Ching coins, but they are also stamped with various good luck and auspicious designs and characters on both sides of the coins such as the eight trigrams symbols for protection, Taoist talismanic calligraphy, the wordings “Usher in lots of Good Fortune”, “Safe and Peaceful Journey”, “Multiplied Profits and Prosperity” and etc.

These coins are deemed potent in magnifying your wealth of luck. Coins, with intrinsic metal energies, are most potent when they are placed in the West, Northwest, and North sectors.

You can stick the coins on or keep them in any place you can think of. Tie them up with red or gold string in the number three, six, or nine if you are know-how. Keep them in your wallet/handbag, you will never run out of cash; on your share portfolios or account book, it will bring wealth and windfall luck; on your telephone or fax machine, sales will keep pouring in; on your cash box, cash registers or safe to ensure they are always loaded with money. Scatter them around your God of Wealth, fill the coins in your wealth pots, treasure vases, and wealth ships! Let your creativity flow! The possibilities are endless.

Ten coins will be randomly selected by our store personnel for each purchase.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 4.4 × 0.3 cm