Three Golden Coins with Red Ribbon and Red Envelope (3Pcs)


In feng shui practice, placing Three Golden Coins tie with a red ribbon in a red envelope (Ang Pau) will effectively improve your money and wealth luck.


These Three Golden Chinese I Ching Coins tied together with a red ribbon is an auspicious symbol of wealth and fruitfulness as the three represent heaven, earth, and mankind. It comes with an attractive red packet or “Ang pow” where it can conveniently carry along with you all the time. In feng shui practice, placing 3 coins tied with a red ribbon in a red envelope (Ang Pau) will effectively improve your money and wealth luck.

Place or stick it in your wealth corner to attract auspicious money luck or any place you can think of; in your wallet/handbag, you will never run out of cash; on your share portfolios or account book, it will increase business luck; on your telephone of the fax machine, sales will keep pouring in; on your cash box, cash registers or safe to ensure they are always loaded with money. Let your creativity flow.

ForĀ Flying Stars enthusiasts, you can tie one of these items on each half of the curtain drapes in the room afflicted by the malignant Five Yellow Star. This star instigates fights, accidents, and death. The coins will act as an effective cure against the Five Yellow.

For best results, refresh these coins each year on the first day of the lunar New Year. You could get new ones or cleanse them with incense or using the singing bowl.

What the Coin symbolizes and how to use this symbol to enhance your Feng Shui:

Chinese Coins have always been a popular symbol of wealth and prosperity in China. Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the center. The combination of a square hole on a round coin represents heaven and earth, and when used correctly, they can be extremely powerful Feng Shui symbols in attracting the luck of both heaven and earth. In ancient China, scholars believed the coins were very powerful in attracting wealthy luck that they were worn on their sons as good luck amulet. When coins are combined with another auspicious symbol like Chi Lin, mongoose, the tortoise, or the dragon, it is said that wealth and success will multiply a thousand times.

Old Chinese coins or modern reproductions are wonderful symbols of prosperity and extremely popular in the application of Feng Shui today. They can be placed in your handbag, wallet, or work files or attached to account books, share portfolios, computers, or telephones to enhance income and wealth luck. Red or gold threads or ribbons are often used to tie them together since it is believed to activate and release the energies of the coins. Coins, with intrinsic metal energies, are most potent when they are placed in the West, Northwest, and North sectors.

Always display them with the Yang side facing up. The Yang side has four Chinese characters whereas the Yin side has two.

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