Three Harmony Warriors

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Place these Three Harmony Warriors in your home or office to enjoy happiness, harmony, tranquility, good communications, and joy.

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In case you are wondering how this motley trio of strange-looking creatures came to be revered as a symbol of harmony, here’s why. Each of these animals is actually a hybrid creature from the union of three pairs of traditionally hostile animal enemies; the Lion-GarudaFish-Otter, and Makara-Conch. Considering how these arch enemies can unite as one, it is only natural that together they were conferred the title of Three Harmony Warriors, signifying harmonious living under whatever circumstances. Their images were used on early Buddhist Victory Banners, Thangkas, Tibetan Flags as well as astrological & divinatory diagrams.

These three hybrid creatures are widely known as:

  1. The Eight Legged Lion (Lion-Garuda)
  2. The Fur-Bearing Fish (Fish-Otter)
  3. The Makara or Sea-Dragon (Makara-Conch)

The Eight Legged Lion

The 8 limbed lion or garuda-lion is created from the union of the lion and its traditional rival, the garuda bird. Its eight limbs are formed by having the talons of the garuda emerging from the lion’s four knees. As the garuda is the lord of the sky, and the lion is lord of the earth, their union signifies heaven and earth in victory. Its body, limbs, mane, and tail are those of a lion whilst its head, wings, and talons are those of a garuda.

The Fur-Bearing Fish

The Fur-Bearing Fish is born from the union of a fish with its traditional enemy, the otter. Its body and limbs are those of an otter but it’s head and gills/neck are those of a fish. Like an otter, its body is covered in hair of fur.

The Makara Dragon

The Makara Dragon is formed from the union of a Makara (water monster) and its traditional prey, the conch or water-snail. The Makara Dragon is depicted in its usual form with its head -scales, horns, tusks, mane, upturned snout, protruding from a conch shell.

Crafted from brass and plated in shiny gold, these “Symbols of Victory” that fight against disharmony and disagreements. Place these Three Harmony Warriors in your home or office to enjoy happiness, harmony, tranquility, good communications, and joy by keeping harmful jealousy vibes and hostility under control. They also form a powerful cure against the dreaded 3 Killings or ‘San Sha’.

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