Tibetan Five Dzambala Amulet Card


The Tibetan Five Dzambala Amulet Card will help to stabilize your financial situations and provide you comfort and economic well-being for long and happy life.


This is a handy pocket-sized carry-along talisman card to fit perfectly into your wallet or purse. It features the image of the Green Dzambala surrounded by his Yellow, Red, Black, and White counterparts on one side and a brief description of the Dzambala deity on the other. Wafer-thin yet hardy, the metallic gold card is framed all around with motifs of the Buddhist swastika for an aesthetic reason as well as Feng Shui enhancement.

In the Buddhist religion, Jambhala (or Dzambhala) is the wealth-giving form of Avalokiteśvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Jambhala’s blessings are to help others by eliminating poverty, so that one may focus on the path or spirituality more effectively. Over time there evolved not one but five wealthy Dzambalas, each with his own mantra and practice to help eradicate poverty and create financial stability. All five Dzambalas are viewed as protectors of wealth, abundance, and prosperity and all carry the jewel-spouting mongoose in their left hand. It is this mongoose that causes wealth to flow into your home when you do the Jambhala practice with noble intention.

Green Dzambala is a form of Buddha Akshobhya and is often depicted in a tight embrace with his consort. Chant his mantra “Om Zambala Zalendhraye Soha” for his help in problems related to money.

Yellow Dzambala is believed to be the manifestation of Buddha Ratnasambhava who represents richness. If you have issues related to finance, chant his mantra “Om Zambala Zalendhraye Soha” for aid and support.

Red Dzambala is the manifestation of Vajrasattva, the Buddha of Purification, and is frequently shown embracing his consort Vasudhara. If you are in a financial crisis, sincerely chant his mantra “Om Dzambhala Dzalim Dzaya Nama Mumei E She E, Om Dzachini Dzambhala Dzambhala Svaha” for divine assistance.

Black Dzambala is also a form of Buddha Akshobhya, which is blue in color. Practicing his doctrine can eliminate resentment, theft, diseases, and other barriers to riches whilst chanting his mantra will attract wealth and fulfillment of wishes. He has two mantras, namely “Om Jambhala Jalandraye svāhā” and “Om Indzali Mu Kan Dzamali Svaha”.

White Dzambala is said to be born from the right eye of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, more popularly known as Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. His mantra “Om Padma Trotha Arya Zambhala Siddhaya Hum Phat” can help avert disaster, cast away sickness, remove bad karma and stop suffering and of course bring wealth.

Get blessings and protection from all 5 Dzambalas by carrying the Tibetan Five Dzambala Amulet Card with you everywhere you go. It will help to stabilize your financial situation and provide you comfort and economic well-being for long and happy life.

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