Tibetan Lung Ta Wind Horse with Cintamani Jewel


The Tibetan Lung Ta Wind Horse with Cintamani Jewel will bring you triumph and victory, strength and success.

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This is an absolutely gorgeous and finely crafted Tibetan Lung Ta Wind Horse with Cintamani Jewel embellished with ornate trappings and jewels which add a touch of opulence to this stunning figurine. Depicted in elegant mid-trot on an oval base, it has connotations of victory, nobility, and success, this magnificent animal is synonymous with strength, speed and vitality, whilst the wish-fulfilling jewels on its back symbolize wealth and treasures.

Having its origin in the old Tibetan Buddhism, Windhorse has several meanings in the Tibetan context. On the outer level, the Windhorse is a mythical creature that combines the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from earth to the heavens. This gives rise to the Tibetan prayer flag being known as the Lung Ta, which is Windhorse in Tibetan. Lung Ta is also associated with positive energy or life force and good luck. It is both the subjugator of evil and the vehicle of enlightenment.

The Cintamani (flaming or wish-granting jewel) on the back of the Wind Horse which symbolizes wealth and unfolding power & possibility, is a miraculous treasure that can grant the fulfillment of wishes and is often seen in the hand of Ksitigarbha and Avalokitesvara. Besides being symbols of prosperity, the jewels represent wisdom whilst the flames of the Cintamani represent the burning away of false desires and ignorance, giving way to enlightenment.

Harness the beneficial energy of the Tibetan Lung Ta Wind Horse with Cintamani Jewel by displaying it prominently on your work desk. Besides being a fabulous showpiece, the combined energies from the powerful symbols will bring you triumph and victory, strength and success, and speed up the attainment of your goals in life. Check out more Feng Shui Horse Figurines to bring you success and victory for your career journey.

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