Traditional Chinese Tabletop Mini Lacquerware Folding Screens – Facial Makeup of Peking Opera


High-quality and beautiful Traditional Chinese Tabletop mini table-top folding screens are made up of 6 wooden panels connected with hinges.

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High quality, vibrant and beautiful to look at, this mini table-top folding screen is made up of six wooden panels connected with hinges. Both sides of the panels are printed with gorgeous varieties of facial makeup of Peking Opera complete with fake beards and headgears. Protected with a layer of lacquer, this fabulous treasure from the Orient with amazing craftsmanship and detail makes a wonderful decorative item in your home or office. A fantastic gift to Oriental decorative art lovers.

Folding screens were invented in Han Dynasty over 2000 years ago and have many practical uses: for blocking wind, dividing space, concealing for privacy, feng shui, and decorating purposes. A folding screen was often decorated with beautiful art; major themes included mythology, scenes of palace life, and nature. It is often associated with intrigue and romance in Chinese literature.

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Dimensions 46.5 × 24 × 0.5 cm