Traveling Laughing Buddha for Good Fortune


The Traveling Laughing Buddha for Good Fortune is a perfect enhancer for those who often go on business trips.


This is a beautiful representation of an all-around extremely good fortune Laughing Buddha. His ever-smiling face brings harmony and happiness wherever he’s displayed, in your homes or offices. The big sack of wealth he’s stepping on and the two strings of auspicious coins are all-powerful symbols for an abundance of wealth and fortune. He’s seen holding a Ruyi, one of the most potent Feng Shui symbols of power, leadership, and authority. Hanging on the staff is a Wu Lou and two peaches, both are well-known symbols of health, longevity, and immortality. The presence of the hat signifies this is a traveling Laughing Buddha. Perfect for those who often go on business trips. The Traveling Laughing Buddha for Good Fortune will ensure all your trips are safe and fruitful.

The Laughing Buddha can practically be placed in any part of the home or office except in the toilet areas and kitchen. Here is how you can use the Traveling Laughing Buddha to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. A good place to put the Traveling Laughing Buddha is in the living room, preferably facing the front door to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck, to bring in harmony and take away quarrellings, to absorb negative Ch’i, and emanate auspicious energies.

2. The Traveling Laughing Buddha may also be placed on the study desk to take away pressure and stress, as well as to assist the student towards fulfilling academic goals.

3. Place the Traveling Laughing Buddha in your office table or reception area of your shop to bring wealth luck and harmony as well as to prevent backstabbing.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 12.7 × 17.8 cm