Treasure Chest Amulet Keychain


Carry or clip the Treasure Chest Amulet Keychain onto your bag to amplify the good fortune of wealth and money.

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This is an extremely auspicious amulet depicting a Treasure Chest filled with overflowing treasures – gold ingots, gold coins, and jewels, all strong symbols of prosperity to signify accumulation of wealth and abundance.

Used as a transporter of gold and treasures in ancient times, the treasure chest is a symbol of wealth and fortune in Feng Shui. The practice of keeping Wealth pots, vases, jars, bowls, or plates in homes to enhance wealth luck has been performed by the rich since time immemorial. A Treasure Chest symbolizes never-ending good fortune and wealth.

Keep the Treasure Chest Amulet always close to you to attract vibes of success and keep the money rolling in. Clip it onto your bag or hang it anywhere you desire in your home, office, or in your car to attract energies of wealth and abundance.

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Dimensions 5 × 0.3 × 4 cm