Vairocana Stupa Key Chain


This is a gorgeous key chain amulet featuring a Buddhist Stupa with the image of Vairocana and the 8 Auspicious Symbols.

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This is a gorgeous key chain amulet featuring a Buddhist Stupa with the image of Vairocana and the 8 Auspicious Symbols. Crafted from high-grade metal, this lovely talisman is a potent protection against negative energies, especially those brought by the year’s hostile flying stars.

Stupa is a pyramidal or dome-like form Buddhist monument created over sacred relics of the historical Buddha or other saints or venerable persons. As such, Stupas have been built and revered by millions of people worldwide as magical objects with miraculous powers. The word Stupa is a Sanskrit word that literally means “to heap” or “to pile up.” There are three representations of the Buddha – body, speech, and mind. Actual statues are representations of Buddha’s holy body. The scriptures represent Buddha’s holy speech. And stupas are the representation of the Buddha’s holy mind; hence they are also described as “the embodiment of wisdom”. Just to see a Stupa, or walk around it mindfully is a very powerful way to purify negative karma and to accumulate extensive merit.

Vairocana (Dari Rulai in Chinese), a Supreme Buddha whose Sanskrit name means “luminous one” or “embodiment of light” represents the all-pervading wisdom of the Dharmadhatu, the absolute Buddha-nature. In depictions of the five Dhyani or Wisdom Buddhas, he is the central figure, a personification of the Dharmakaya – everything, unmanifested, free of characteristics and distinctions. His symbol is the Dharma wheel and his color is white to symbolize a pure consciousness and all-encompassing wisdom to vanquish ignorance and clear the road to enlightenment and bliss.

Invite the Buddha Vairocana into your home or place of work, or better yet, carry this Vairocana Stupa Key Chain in your bag so that his protective aura and the Stupa’s sacred radiating presence will surround you wherever you are. Besides being a beautiful collector’s item, it will bring you the blessings of the Buddha to remove problems and protect you from harm and misfortune. The aura and all metal make of this lovely amulet also make it a formidable cure to neutralize the afflictions of the Illness #2, Quarrelsome #3, and #5 Yellow Flying Stars.

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