Vivid Flowery Peridot Bracelet


Flaunt your femininity in this gorgeous floral-themed crystal bracelet.

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Flaunt your femininity in this gorgeous floral-themed crystal bracelet. This lovely and eye-catching piece is made up of striking green Peridot crystals strung on a strong stretchable band. Each crystal is cut into pretty flowers to showcase the beauty of each crystal. Besides looking good, wearing the Peridot crystal flower bracelet is a simple and effective way to experience the powerful healing vibrations of this wonderful crystal.

Peridot is a very old crystal that was believed to ward off evil spirits in ancient times. It is a helpful stone used to ‘open’ the heart and let go of “old baggage” such as people of the past, and to assist one to admit mistakes and move on. Peridot is also reputed to be a great stone to alleviate jealousy, anger, resentment, and spite. Mentally, it sharpens the mind and improves focus.

Besides being a gorgeous accessory, the Vivid Flowery Peridot Bracelet is a Feng Shui lucky amulet with all the protection and blessings associated with Peridot crystal. Wear it for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater harmony, happiness, and prosperity into your life!

This item will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Ch’i.

Please note that natural crystals, unlike man-made crystals, may have blemishes, uneven textures, and colors, inclusions, or internal fractures in them. These are not flaws and are perfectly fine in the context of Feng Shui.

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