Wealth God with Treasure Pot Key Chain

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This is a potent wealth attracting amulet featuring the powerful Chai Sen Yeh holding a gold ingot with a Wealth Pot beside him.


This is a potent wealth attracting amulet featuring the powerful Chai Sen Yeh holding a gold ingot with a Wealth Pot beside him. It is embellished It is tied creatively with matching Chinese silk cording and embellished with decorative beads to enhance its potency. The reverse side has the Chines idiom一生平安 (Yi Sheng Ping An) meaning “lifelong peace and safety”.

The Wealth God, or ‘Chai Sen Yeh’ is one of the most popular symbols of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. He’s extremely popular in the Chinese community so much so that elaborate rituals are performed during the Chinese lunar new year to welcome the God of Wealth into the household thereby bringing in lots of good fortune and magnifying windfall and speculative luck in life for the year to come.

Keep the Wealth God With Treasure Pot Key Chain always close you to harness the energies of good fortune while warding off bad luck. This amulet will attract vibes of success to keep the money rolling in. Hang this tassel anywhere you desire in your home, office, or in your car for protection and blessings.

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