White Dzhambala Plaque


The Wealth Attracting White Dzhambala Plaque will brings blessings of wealth, happiness, good fortune and success into your home.

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This is a beautiful plaque featuring the White Dzambhala, reputed as one of the Tibetan Buddhist Gods of Wealth. Wrathful in appearance, he is depicted seated on a dragon, brandishing a staff in his right and holding a jewelry spitting treasury mongoose in his left. He is flanked by the 8 Auspicious Objects, 4 on each side, and his retinue of other wealthy deities stand guard at the 4 corners. His mantra is printed on all four sides of the plaque whilst offerings of wish-fulfilling jewels are laid out before him. Clearly, all features of this auspicious plaque are designed to harness the energy of wealth and abundance.

The White Dzambhala (or Jambhala) is born from the right eye of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, also known as the manifestation of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. According to the sutra, his mantra can help avert disaster, cast away sickness, remove bad karma and stop suffering. He also brings wealth luck to all those who invoke his help by chanting his mantra. The Mantra for the White Jambhala God of Wealth is “OM PADMA KRODA AYAH DZAMBHALA SHRI DHAYA HUM PEH.

Invite the White Dzambhala into your home or place of work by displaying this plaque on a table or hanging it on a wall. The Wealth Attracting White Dzhambala Plaque will not only ensure that your home is fully protected from all sorts of harm but also brings blessings of wealth, happiness, good fortune, and success. Chant the mantra of White Dzambhala to dissipate the negative affliction in your life as well as to actualize wealth and bring more money-making opportunities.

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Porcelain, Ceramic, Wood