White Jade Longevity Wulou Hanging


The White Jade Longevity Wulou Hanging is a powerful traditional symbol of longevity and good health. Carry it with you at all times for peace of mind.

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The Wu Lou Feng Shui Hanging is an adorable piece, made from jade. It is accented with a mystic knot to increase the flow of vital energy and finished off with decorative beads.

Wu Lou is a symbol of longevity which also brings an abundance of divine blessings. Also known as the bottle gourd or the “calabash”, Wu Lou is a powerful traditional symbol of longevity, good health, prosperity, and an abundance of blessings. The shape of a Wu Lou is believed to be a representation of Heaven and Earth united in miniature. Displaying a Wu Lou in and around the home is a good thing to have to enhance one’s Feng Shui.

Carry it along with you everywhere you go. Tie or hang this Jade Wu Lou Tassel anywhere you like for instance your briefcase, handbag, or your rearview mirror of your car. The White Jade Longevity Wulou Hanging will ensure good health and good luck is always by your side. The Jade Wulou Tassel will absorb negative Chi and prevent bad things and harm from happening to you.

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