White Umbrella Goddess Mirror

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The White Umbrella Goddess Mirror will ensure that your home is fully protected from all forms of catastrophes, diseases, spirit harm and misfortune.


This classic styled circular medallion made from gold plated brass features the powerful White Umbrella Goddess carrying a white parasol with which to shield against catastrophe and sufferings and surrounded by the flames of pristine awareness. Perched prettily on an elegant brass stand, the reverse side of the plaque has the powerful sacred syllable OM in Tibetan script. Both sides are encircled with protective mantras for additional potency.

The White Umbrella Goddess or Ushnisha Sitatapatra in Sanskrit, which translates as “The Victorious White Parasol”, is a form of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Like Avalokiteshvara in elaborate form, she also has a thousand eyes that watch over living beings, and a thousand arms that protect and assist them, symbolizing the power of active compassion and protection. She is shown holding a parasol, a symbol of protection and victory, which is why she is also known as the “Goddess of Victorious Parasol” or the “Goddess of the Glorious White Umbrella”. The white parasol represents the Goddess’ mantle of protective power, indicating her ability to protect sentient beings from natural catastrophes, diseases, and so forth. Her benign and beautiful form belies her ferocity as she is a fierce destroyer of enemies and demons. When called upon, this powerful deity offers protection against natural catastrophes, enemies, legal entanglements, diseases, poverty, curses, and evil spirits.

Om, often referred to as “the sound of the Universe” is the first syllable spoken before most prayers because it purifies the atmosphere and calms the soul. Om, Ohm, or Aum can symbolize many things – truth, the ‘hum’ of the universe, liberation, and the vibration of God, spiritual perfection in all its forms. It is said to be the essence of all mantras. Evoke that all-fulfilling energy within your own life with this powerful amulet.

Additionally, the all-metal make of this item doubles it as a formidable metal cure to weaken the malignant stars #2 Illness Star and vicious #5 Yellow Star.

Given the potency of these symbols, be sure to invite the White Umbrella Goddess into your home or place of work by displaying this plaque in your home or place of work. The White Umbrella Goddess Mirror will not only ensure that your home is fully protected from all forms of catastrophes, diseases, spirit harm, and misfortune but also brings blessings of happiness, good fortune, and success.

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