Windhorse Plaque for Victory and Success


Display the Windhorse Plaque for Victory and Success to enhances your inner vitality and attract blessings of victory, success, and good fortune.

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This is a beautiful plaque featuring the cherished Windhorse image imprinted on a high-quality ceramic set in a wooden frame. The Windhorse is flanked by the Four Direction Kings in the four cardinal corners. To ensure that all bases are covered, there are also the Dragon and Phoenix to watch over the sky whilst a Tiger and Lion watch over the land. Powerful seed syllables and mantras surround the images to further protect against afflictions and at the same time attract blessings of good fortune and prosperity. It can be displayed on the table/shelf or hung on a wall at home or in the office, ideally in a high place facing the main door.

The Windhorse, a mythical creature revered in Tibetan culture, combines the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from earth to the heavens. It usually appears as the center image of the auspicious prayer flags known as “Lung-Ta”, bearing wish-fulfilling jewels on its back to radiate positive energy and bring good fortune, victory, and success.

The Four Direction Kings or the Four Heavenly Kings are four gods, each of whom watches over one cardinal direction of the world. They are the protectors of the world and fighters of evil, each able to command a legion of supernatural creatures to protect the Dharma. The four great Kings are Vaishravana, Protector of the North; Virudhaka Protector of the South; Dritirashta, Protector of the East; and Virupaksha, Protector of the West.

Display the Windhorse Plaque for Victory and Success in your home or place of work. Besides looking fabulous on a shelf, desk, mantelpiece, coffee table, or sprucing up a dull wall, this auspicious symbol not only acts as a powerful guardian against harm but also enhances your inner vitality and attracts blessings of victory, success, and good fortune.

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Weight 2.97 kg
Dimensions 23.6 × 2 × 23.6 cm

Porcelain, Ceramic, Wooden Frame