Wish Granting Tree Amulet


Keep a Wish Granting Tree Amulet to welcome greater opportunities, success, blessings, wealth and harmony into your life.


This is an absolutely gorgeous miniature replica of the auspicious Wish-Granting Tree, intricately crafted from metal with a delicate filigree of golden trunk and leaves. Hanging on its vibrant branches are power symbols to bring you all the important things in life; the Darmachakra Magic Wheel of Wisdom, the Mystic Knot of Abundance and Endless Love, the Bird of Freedom & Opportunity, the Double Dorje of Courage & Invincibility, the Golden Ingot and Golden Mongoose to bring Wealth & Prosperity, the Pink Lotus for Purity of Intentions, the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel for the attainment of wishes, and Sacred Seed syllables to keep bad vibes away. The hanging charms dangle and sparkle as they catch and reflect the light. Simply enchanting!

The Wish-Granting Tree or Wish Fulfilling Tree, also known as Kalpavriksha or Kalpataru in Sanskrit is a divine wish-granting tree of particular significance in Indian mythology. This powerful tree is believed to fulfill all the wishes of those who invoke its energy. It manifests an abundance of divine wealth that takes shape as flowers and fruits which appear throughout the twelve months of the year, with different kinds of fruits for each of the four seasons. Usually, the Wish-Granting Tree is visualized as being laden with flowers, leaves, birds, and plenty of bejeweled ornaments hanging from its spreading branches. All the components of the Kalpataru symbolize various aspects of life. The birds on the tree are the symbols of peace and opportunities. The flowers that bloom on the tree give rise to abundance in the form of food, clothes, jewelry, and wealth as well as happiness.

Besides being an enchanting accessory, the Wish-Granting Tree Amulet brings you all the bountiful blessings associated with the auspicious hanging symbols. The metal and wood elements of the tree also double as a cure to weaken and control the afflictive earth energy of the #2 Sickness and #5 Misfortune Stars. Dangle it on the rearview mirror of your car or clip it onto your bag or anywhere you like, to help actualize all your heart’s desires. Carry it with you at all times for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater opportunities, success, blessings, wealth, and harmony into your life.

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