Wooden Double Fish with Mystic Knot Hanging


The Wooden Double Fish With Mystic Knot Hanging is a Feng Shui amulet to generate vibes of lasting romance, happiness, and prosperity.


This is a tassel featuring a wooden amulet carved with the symbol of Double Carps with a Mystic Knot. It is further adorned with a decorative knot and ends in a matching tassel.

The Chinese regard fish as a symbol that represents wealth attainment, abundance, success, prosperity, and good fortune because of the sound of it in Chinese – ‘Yu’ which means surplus. Fish is a symbol of good wealth and fortune to the Chinese. When they appear in a pair, Double Fish represents marital bliss and joyous unions. Better still, it is said that the good luck they represent is doubled.

The mystic knot, also known by many other names such as the lucky knot, love knot, infinity knot, never-ending knot, or Endless symbol signifies a never-ending cycle of good fortune, longevity, unending prosperity, limitless success, continued good luck, and health, lasting togetherness, assured continuity of love, everlasting love, among other things. Associated with the number 8, the mystic knot is especially potent in period 8 (the year 2004 to 2024).

The Wooden Double Fish With Mystic Knot Hanging, besides being an elegant accessory, is a handy Feng Shui amulet to generate vibes of lasting romance, happiness, and prosperity. Hang it in your home or car, or pop it in your bag to enjoy peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater joy and abundance into your life!

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5.1 × 0.8 cm