Wooden Seated Amitabha Buddha


The Wooden Seated Amitabha Buddha is a very auspicious symbol of wisdom.

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A beautiful statue of the Amitabha Buddha shown seated on a lotus pedestal. It is made of resin that imitates wood. Display it in your living room or family room at an elevated height. The Buddha is a very auspicious symbol of wisdom, compassion, serenity, and transcendence.

Gautama Buddha was a spiritual teacher in the ancient Indian subcontinent and the historical founder of Buddhism. He is universally recognized by Buddhists as the Supreme Buddha of our age. By tradition, he was born with the name Siddhārtha Gautama and, after a quest for the truth behind life and death, underwent a transformative spiritual change that led him to claim the name of Buddha. Buddha attained divine knowledge or “Bodhi” after six years of fasting and meditation. After enlightenment, Buddha shared his wisdom with all who asked.

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