Rat Year

The prediction is valid for the year 2022 (the Tiger), beginning on February 1, 2022, and ending on January 21, 2023.

In comparison to the previous year, people born in the Rat year will have better luck all year in 2022. Their career fortune, in particular, will be very positive and auspicious. However, their love and relationship fortunes will be ordinary.

In the absence of more fortunate and auspicious stars, the Rat zodiac should not be overconfident this year and should do everything on their own, put in more effort. It is recommended that they keep a positive attitude in the first half of the year and prepare well for the coming of the next year of “Xing Tai Sui(the Grand Jupiter Duke)” (Torturing Tai Sui) at the end of the year.  


In 2022, the Rat will place a greater emphasis on health. Although the Rat will have no offence or compatibility with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), they will still come across a slew of evil and ominous stars related to health, which could have a negative impact on physical health and life safety. Illnesses and accidental injuries are very likely to strike them.

As a result, they are advised to maintain a healthy diet and get adequate rest. In the meantime, regular exercise will aid in the improvement of their physical health. As a result, they should avoid slackness and laziness in physical activity. 


In 2022, the Rat men will have an average love and relationship fortune. There will be no help from the stars. Their love life and relationship prospects will be bleak. The majority of Rat men are unlikely to find love or be in a romantic relationship this year. Some people may devote more time, energy, and focus to their professional development.

They will lack enthusiasm and passion for love and romantic relationships, and they will regard relationship issues as unimportant, even actively refusing and avoiding the subject. There are few chances for Rat singletons to find sweet love and romance this year, and they will most likely remain single as before.


In 2022, the Rat zodiac will have a very promising and optimistic career path. Their career luck will be fairly good if they can get support and favour from lucky stars like “Jiangxing” and “Santai.” 

Whether civil or military, they will use their personal strength and talent in their positions throughout the year, gain patron and superior appreciation, and even have opportunities for advancement.

New recruits, in particular, are full of vigour and energy, and they can put in more effort to work hard in order to gain recognition from their peers and superiors in a short period of time.  


In terms of wealth, the Rat’s financial fortunes will not improve significantly in 2022 due to the absence of auspicious stars. If they want to amass wealth, they must be mentally prepared to rely on their own hard work in everything they do in order to gain more from more efforts. This year, the Rat’s main source of wealth will continue to be from full-time jobs and businesses.

Their ability to accumulate wealth will be aided by the healthy development of their careers. As a result, the Rats should keep their jobs and not change jobs frequently or for an extended period of time. Businesspeople born under the sign of the Rat should pay special attention to improving and innovating their operating models, as well as introducing new talents, expanding the market, and striving to increase overall revenue. 

Rat Zodiac Luck predictions:
  • Lucky Element: Waterworks in harmony with the wood elements but the earth element overwhelms it. 
  • Favourable Colours: Black represents honour and dignity.
  • Numbers: 6,9, 17 
  • Lucky months: June, October 
  • Unlucky months: September and December
  • Lucky directions: North, East

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