Rat Zodiac Prediction 2024



The prediction is valid for the year 2024 (the Dragon), beginning on February 10, 2024, and ending on January 28, 2025.

Entering the Year of the Dragon 2024, Rat zodiac are full of hope to usher in the Year of the Dragon after experiencing the plague of the previous year’s offence against the Tai Sui. This year, the Rat does not in conjunction with the Tai Sui, and all aspects of luck remain stable.

Although 2024 is in conjunction with the Tai Sui, there is also a malefic star entering your life, posing a certain threat to your fortune. You should be rational and serious in dealing with things and not be impatient and impulsive.

If you were born in this year, your Chinese Zodiac sign is Rat: 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 2020.


Entering the Year of the Dragon 2024, for the Rat zodiac the financial aspect of the luck, both positive and partial income is not ideal.

The Rats will make financial overdraft this year because of lack of judgement, make wrong choices and finally fall into a crisis of financial ruin. If you want to resolve the financial crisis, you need to spend reasonably and save regularly to make financial stability.


In the past year, the rat’s career fortune was troubled by the Tai Sui, can be said to be difficult to develop, ushered in the new year of 2024, career fortune will also have a new enhancement.

Rat natives this year in the work of the performance of positive, not as negative as before, work in good condition, can rely on their own ability to deal with some difficult problems. But rats maybe will get into arguments with colleagues over trivial matters.

Rat natives should improve their interpersonal relationship. It will help their career and they will strive for more development opportunities. Do not be too high-profile, so as not to arouse the jealousy of the surrounding competitors, hindering the long-term development!

Love / Relationship

Rat native’s relationships are relatively stable in 2024. Although single rats are busy at work, they will have a lot of opportunities to go to some parties and meet some good conditions of the opposite sex. Single Rat natives will be able to get good relationship if they can grasp the opportunities.

Rats in love are relatively stable in their relationship, married natives need to instil new passion to maintain a good relationship.


Rats should pay special attention to their immune system, do not neglect their health because of work, and exercise regularly. In 2024, many rats often ignore their health because of serious work, even if they are not feeling well, they do not care, which over time leads to health problems and being plagued by diseases.

Although the work is more important, but more important is health, only have health, can have energy to work. In addition to health, stay away from dangerous activities to strengthen the awareness of safety and protection. Those who have driving should pay attention to driving safety and obey traffic rules.

Rat Luck Prediction

  • Lucky numbers are  2 and 3.
  • Lucky Colors are Green, Blue and Black
  • Lucky Days are 4th and 13th of each Lunar month.
  • Lucky Months are February, May and December
  • Lucky Flowers are Any type of Lily.
  • Unlucky numbers are 5 and 9.
  • Unlucky Colors are Brown and Yellow.
  • Unlucky Months are January, April, August and October.


Feng Shui objects for Good Luck

  • Young Green Dragon : Bring immense good fortune. It can be placed anywhere in your home. Having the Young Green Dragon in your living space will fill it with the precious “Sheng Chi” or “Dragon’s breath”, enhancing your surroundings.
  • Bucket of Gold and Good Fortune : To amplify your wealth energies. Display these buckets anywhere in your home or in the North in 2024 to boost the #8 Wealth Star. Remember, wealth luck flows where energy of wealth is activated in your living environment!