Everyday Feng Shui: Let kind people be your problem-solvers


Problem: A client just purchased a new house. She was ecstatic to see that the Wealth and Love portions were still intact and that it was practically rectangular. She noted that the section for Travel and Helpful People was absent, but she did not give it much thought at the moment because she was so taken by the location, cost, and cuteness. But as soon as escrow was closed, problems started to arise. Costs were higher than anticipated, contractors weren’t coming up, and more issues.

She sought assistance from Feng Shui, which she had studied. She was aware that she needed to anchor the Travel and Helpful People section from both the inside and the outside. She replaced a small dead tree outside with a lovely flourishing one surrounded by blossoms, and she anchored it outside with a large white flowering plant in a circular white container. She hung a painting of a grey and white mountain inside, as well as a round mirror and crystal to push the wall back. (You’ll discover what each of these corrections is meant to fix below.) She found the ideal tenant, renovated a rental property close to her budget, and was able to move in within a month. A significant new employment offer came shortly after that.

By locating your Helpful People area using the Feng Shui Bagua, you can start to access the energy for finding solutions to your issues, attracting mentors, clients, customers, employees, or other helpful people into your life, creating opportunities for travel, or making easy transitions to a new home or place of employment. The Chinese concept known as “The I Ching” is the source of the Feng Shui Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, which is a grid of eight sectors with the Center acting as the grounding force. The name literally translates to “eight trigrams.” The “I Ching” attributes of strength, synchronicity, inspiration, and confidence are connected to the Helpful People section of your residence or place of business. When everything is in place, people and locations provide us with the inspiration and direction we require.

There are several examples of people who were in the right place at the right time and had their lives improved by the words or deeds of persons they encountered, or by visiting a specific location that permanently altered their life. Everything is fitting together in perfect synchronization in this situation!

Your home, workplace, or place of business’s front right corner is where you’ll find the Helpful People and Travel section. It is regulated by the metal element in Feng Shui, which is symbolized by objects made of metal or painted with metal, the colors white or grey, natural stones, and circular shapes. This is why the intuitive drew the white blossoming plant, a white container with a circle on it, a round mirror, and a gray-matted image of a mountain at the opening of this column.


Improvements to the Travel and Helpful People section within your house or place of business

  • Works of art, pictures, collages, or figurines of spiritual mentors, teachers, or other beneficial individuals
  • Products in shades of grey, black, or white
  • Objects made of metal, including pewter, aluminum, copper, brass, steel, silver, and gold.
  • Stones that are naturally occurring or that are depicted as such, such as mountains in images.
  • Special locations you have been or desire to visit
  • Sayings, affirmations, and quotations about traveling and helping people

Improvements to the Travel and Helpful People area around your residence or place of business

  • Garden art that honors spiritual mentors (angels, Buddha, saints)
  • Circular or oval-shaped objects, rocks and stones, and metal
  • White objects, flowers, and vegetation


Unfilled Helpful People and Travel section

If the Helpful People and Travel area are absent from your floor plan, you can add a metal seating area, build a trellis or deck, plant flowers in white planter boxes, add a large stone statue of a spiritual guide, or place a large rock on the corner to fill the space. You can also use metal to anchor any missing areas structurally. (This may make a lovely meditation space.) If the region outside is inaccessible, you can use a 30-millimeter, round-faceted crystal as a symbolic anchor from the inside to push the walls back. You can also place a mirror and/or a picture of helpful people or travel on the interior wall next to the inaccessible area.


In Feng Shui, the intent is crucial to improving any space in your house or place of business. Because of this, all improvements must be made on purpose; affirmations that are said or written are crucial. It’s crucial that things are stated as though they have already occurred.


For the Helpful People and Travel category, some examples or affirmations are: “I always attract helpful, giving, and loving people into my life”; “I am in the right place at the right time and I meet the right people at the right time”; and “Contractors are efficient and work is completed efficiently underestimate.”

Some of your problems CAN be solved by feng shui, and the corner of helpful people is a fantastic place to start.


Feng shui garage and closets

The garage is typically located in the right front corner of houses like ours. We are aware that closets and garages matter in feng shui. It’s crucial to maintain your garage organized and clutter-free because it has a significant influence on how things unfold in your life. We have a giant round-faceted crystal that is mounted in the middle of our garage, along with travel photos and images of our spiritual guides. Additionally, we made a vision board inside one of the closet doors with images and encouraging statements about what we want to manifest in our life. We placed white flowers around a tiny angel that was drifting toward our house outside in a tiny flower bed by the garage.


Feng shui on a budget

Feng Shui improvements don’t have to be expensive. A perfect opportunity to replace dead plants with affordable cell packs of annuals is now.