Steps to do Annual Feng Shui in Year of Tiger 2022

New feng shui experts are enthusiastic, but they are often unsure where to begin. The steps below will assist you in determining what should you do for the annual Fengshui in the year of tiger 2022.

Tiger year 2022


Six steps to do annual Feng Shui in 2022

1. Guard Everybody in the Household from the Year of the Five Yellow – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP to do annual Feng Shui in 2022!

Since the Annual Fatal #the 5-Yellow Star appears in the middle of the Annual Flying Star Chart, 2022 is known as the Year of Five Yellow because its supremacy in the CENTER radiates to all other 8 directions, we need to apply more defensive treatments than boosters. If you only have the money to purchase one feng shui treatment.

This is the genuine remedy that has the power and efficacy to capture and imprison the fatal evil star in the core. Although the pagoda has the power to heal, it is preferable to prevent the disaster from occurring in the first place.  Once it is trapped the fatal star is rendered powerless. All uncontrolled calamities will dissipate and stabilise. Diseases and illnesses will begin to heal. Financial problems will be resolved


2. Ensure the safety of ALL matriarchs.

Illness Star #2 travels to the southwest in 2022, which also happens to be the matriarchal corner. To make matters worse, the #5 Yellow in the middle spreads in this manner, amplifying its negative effects. The matriarch’s health will be affected if the southwest corner is afflicted by disease energy. Because the mother plays such an important role in a family, this might put the family’s happiness and well-being at jeopardy. This is not the year in which to take chances, therefore all matriarchs must wear the Safeguard and Pacifying All Negatives Amulet, which promotes their safety, health, and happiness. Mazu is indeed the god from whom one might borrow luck for the matriarch’s protection and pacification of negativities during unlucky years, as per Taoist magic.


3. Keep an eye on the main entrance.

Only a very well-protected main entrance may attract all kinds of good fortune. If your entrance does not provide proper feng shui, no matter how nice the flying stars in your house are or how lucky the stars are shining on your zodiac, you will not profit from anything and the results will be zeroed out or turn negative. External forms, interior forms, and invincible forms can all produce bad feng shui at the main door.

If you can’t afford to pay a feng shui expert, the best method to keep any “shar chi” at bay is to use the Door Gods Plaques to defend your main door. Due to fatigue, they will have to be replaced every year. Their energies must be at their peak at all times. However, due to the influence of #5 Yellow seeping through all directions in 2022, a special deity will be required to guard the main door. Change it to Chung Kwei with the Heart Sutra and show it instead.


4. Make the Tiger Year Work for You for Annual Fengshui 2022

Tigers are terrible creatures, hence all tiger years are regarded as years to avoid. The Tiger is “inside the river” in 2022. That is, if you leave it alone, it will not assault you. The tiger “bites back” if you continue to check the water. As a result, this is a year of retaliation. It really is best not to bother anyone; else, you may find yourself in a lot of problems that will never end because you will be immersed in wet waters and consumed by the tiger, avoid enquiring, questionings, provoking, and anything else needless in all facets of your existence.

If you start something that isn’t necessary, you will lose your wellness, finances, emotions, protection, and relationships. You might summon the Military Wealth God, whose transport is the tiger, to tame the tiger year. The tiger’s violent aspect is subdued and its protecting side is revealed when a god sits atop it.


5. Keep Your Household Geomancy Up to Date

The auspicious and malevolent directions of household geomancy fluctuate dramatically on a yearly basis. If you don’t adjust a geomantic layout that worked for you last year, it can backfire. The financial direction that was beneficial to you last year may have the opposite effect this year. The direction that fueled your romantic boom last year will morph into something nasty.

First and foremost, ensure that you are well-protected against any threats. Then, in order to take full advantage, activate the auspicious locations. The important role of household geomancy is always emphasised by the majority of feng shui practitioners. Some people have already achieved great success by focusing solely on this crucial phase each year. Since this phase impacts everyone in the same family, no one is immune to the effects of household geomancy. It’s pointless to move on to the next step if your home’s feng shui is bad.


6. Examine the Tai Sui Effect

Because of its massive size, the Jupiter Planet (also known as the Jupiter Star by feng shui experts) has a significant impact. As a result, the Tai Sui energy from Jupiter Star cannot be overlooked. This is why, at the start of each year, people flock to temples all over the world to worship to Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) to guarantee that their year is not cursed. First, make sure your residence is facing or sitting on the Jupiter Star this year, for example, the NE in 2022. Next, make sure your horoscope doesn’t clash with Tai Sui’s.You will face several obstacles if you do not satisfy Tai Sui, regardless of how excellent your house’s feng shui is or how lucky your zodiac constellation is.


7. Know What Your Zodiac Constellation Has in Store for You Up Front

In general, there are 12 animal signs that cycle every 12 years. Each person is assigned a sign based on the year they were born. Knowing your yearly zodiac luck is essentially a strategy for preparing for the future. If there are problems, they can usually be solved with cures, so don’t concern too much as long as you’re proactive. If you’re ambitious, seize the possibilities that come your way and take the necessary actions to activate your fortune. Recognize when it’s the best time to make a fortune. We look at your zodiac fortune from a variety of angles, including the big picture, fortune, profession, love, health, and particular cautions. For instance, we will advise you on how to generate money, how to keep a marriage happy, if you are likely to obtain a promotion, and what illnesses you are prone to and should avoid.


8. Watch out for the White Tiger and also get rid of the bad guys in 2022 Fengshui

Never underestimate the power of villains and troublemakers. Some of these might be detrimental to your career and relationship. Some practitioners of black magic will even harm your health. White Tiger brings villains into your life on a regular basis. The White Tiger effects have brought down certain presidents, national leaders, and corporate executives.