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What Is “Qi”?

If you’ve ever experienced acupuncture or seen a physician who uses Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may have heard the word “qi” before (TCM). In TCM, qi, which is pronounced “chee,” is likely the most significant element. Everything you need to know about qi, including how to regulate it and .

Feng Shui Benefits of Indoor Plants

The best indoor plants can bring intrigue, color, and life into your home, but what about health and wealth? Feng shui can also be used to cultivate your interior garden—not that we need any more reasons to buy plants. A quick overview of feng shui: Feng shui, which is .

Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear for Love, Health, and Wealth

First, the energies that a feng shui bracelet either generates or represents, such as luck, love, health, and money, will empower the wearer. Importantly, this design uses Semiprecious jewels, Chinese characters, or significant trinkets. Bracelets with the Five Elements for a More Balanced Life Moreover, the color represents the .