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Feng Shui Benefits of Indoor Plants

The best indoor plants can bring intrigue, color, and life into your home, but what about health and wealth? Feng shui can also be used to cultivate your interior garden—not that we need any more reasons to buy plants. A quick overview of feng shui: Feng shui, which is .

Ways to Decorate your Home with White according to Feng Shui

Ways to decorate your home with white in feng shui
Colours can be used intentionally and willfully in feng shui to welcome positive energy into our home. Cleanliness, purity, and clarity are all qualities that white invites. In the five-element system, it is also linked to the metal element. The metal element is associated with joy, completion, and helpful people.  .

The Elephant Symbol in Fengshui and how to use them

Elephant Symbol
Elephants, as the world’s largest living land mammals, are revered symbols in many cultures. They represent strength, protection, wisdom, and good luck in feng shui! Touch into your own connection, as you would with any symbol. What are your feelings about elephants? Use the elephant’s symbol to invite positive .