Tiger Monthly Forecast 2021

The Tiger luck prediction in 2021 will be great in general. The lunar October is the luckiest of the year as the overall fortune is pretty good while people may get frustrated in life and work in lunar February. Tiger people can pay more attention on their love relationship and family especially in April, May and September.

In the first half of a year, it is important for Tiger people to look after themselves and maintain a positive attitude towards life. The overall tiger’s luck will be improves in the second half of the year.



(02/12/2021 – 03/12/2021)

The luck of people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Tiger in the first lunar month will be great in career and relationship. They will have chances to meet people that can provide necessary help in career. Besides, most of them can also get along well with their relatives, friends and colleagues. However, they need to prevent nerve headache and insomnia caused by unhealthy habits.


(03/13/2021 – 04/11/2021)

The Tiger’s luck in 2021 on lunar February would be worse than on last month. However, from the overall luck prediction of the whole year, the fortune in this month won’t be bad at all. Tiger people should try their best to seize the opportunity for further developments in their career. On weekdays, they can attend more parties to expand the social circle. More attention also should be paid to their health aspect.


(04/12/2021 – 05/11/2021)

For Tiger people, the luck in career and wealth will change into a better stage. Especially if they manage their businesses carefully, they would have a good result. They also need to be cautious and not rash. Keep calm so as to avoid heavy losses. Only small-scale investment should be carried out. At the same time, they should not ignore their families. In order to keep the harmonious family atmosphere, they should spend more time to stay with family members. Remember not to overwork.


(05/12/2021 – 06/09/2021)

The fortune of people born in Chinese zodiac Tiger in lunar April will be great in career, wealth and health. They will earn more money from financial products and the money borrowed may have chance to get returned. They are likely to get a promotion if they still work harder and harder. Their physical conditions will be improved a lot in this month. They need to adhere to healthy living & eating habits and good personal hygiene. It is suggested to spend more time with families and friends as the relationship luck would be decreased since last month.


(06/10/2021 – 07/09/2021)

The overall fortune prediction in May won’t be very good. Most of Tiger people will be very busy at work with high pressure. Newcomers to the workplace should adapt to the environment and improve their personal abilities as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they need to find ways to get some relaxation. Keeping calm attitude when feeling stressed at work is important. As time goes on, all difficulties will be solved. May won’t be a lucky month to develop a love relationship. Instead of that, they should focus on career and wealth first. In addition, they are advised to deal with family conflicts in time.


(07/10/2021 – 08/07/2021)

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, the love relationship of Tiger people will go smoothly. It is also very suitable to get married during this period of time. About career, they are also often praised by their superiors for their outstanding work. Pay more attention to expenditures in order to avoid wasting money. If they feel uncomfortable, they need to seek medical treatment in time.


(08/08/2021 – 09/06/2021)

The Tiger’s luck in 2021 in career, health and relationship will become much better in this lunar month. Generally speaking, their physical conditions will be very good. Some old diseases may have chance to be cured this month. The elderly should try not have frequent outdoor activities in bad weather. They are advised to make a good financial plan and try not to spend too much money on unnecessary things.


(09/07/2021 – 10/05/2021)

According to the Tiger luck prediction in August, people born with this sign should focus on career and relationship. Although it won’t be easy to solve problems in work, they still need to keep optimistic attitude when cooperate with colleagues. They ought to spend more time with their partners in order to obtain everlasting love life. In daily life, more communications and patience are keys to enhance the relationship.


(10/06/2021 – 11/04/2021)

The 2021 luck prediction by month indicates that Tiger people may take over some difficult projects at work, which will lead to great pressure. However, they should have more confidence about themselves because they have outstanding abilities to solve the problems. There may be many exams in this month, they should be well prepared for the exams. Their fortune in interpersonal relationship won’t be good, thus it is important for them to solve the conflicts with families and friends patiently in this month. Body health should be put in the first place.


(11/05/2021 – 12/03/2021)

There will have great changes in Tiger’s luck this month, especially in their career. Tiger people can expand their businesses or get a promotion in career. Unexpected good things will also happen in October. Students will get some successes in their studies. In addition, it is more likely to have a sweet love relationship for them. Their family life will be more harmonious. Try not to quarrel with others to avoid unnecessary lawsuit.


(12/04/2021 – 01/02/2022)

In November, Tiger people should care more about health of their family members, especially the elderly. They may have some little troubles in career. Therefore, they need to pay more patience to solve them. They also need to put more energy into improving interpersonal relationship and listen to other people’s opinions. The wealth luck won’t be good in this month. Don’t rely on high-risked investments, such as buying stocks.


(01/03/2022 – 01/31/2022)

Based on Tiger luck prediction in 2021, there will have many good news in their life. The career will be very stable and smooth. They can make a plan and set some goals for the next year’s developments in advance. If they have savings, they can invest some low-risked fields appropriately, but not too much. Their sidelines may bring some extra money.