Understanding the Chinese Coins in Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that employs symbolic meanings to attract positive and fortunate energies into your home and life. The Chinese coin is one of these symbols.

Six is an auspicious Chinese number because it is the depiction of heavenly luck.

If you’re into feng shui, you’ve most likely seen these coins strung together with red cord and wondered what they meant. Chinese coins are powerful and meaningful amulets in feng shui that can be used to attract wealth, good fortune, and prosperity into your home.

Meaning of the Chinese coins 

Futhermore, because Chinese coins were once used as currency in ancient China, it’s only natural that they should represent wealth and abundance. They are one of the Eight Treasures, along with the pearl, lozenge, stone chime, rhinoceros’ horn, mirror, book, and leaf, all of which represent good fortune and prosperity.

Moreover, these old Chinese coins have a square punched out in the middle and are circular in shape. The shapes of the coins hold significance. 

Different coins were created during different periods of Chinese history. The following are the most popular: 

  • Kang Xi coin
  • Song Dynasty
  • Tang Dynasty
  • Wuchu coin of the Han Dynasty

You will typically find Chinese coins strung together with a red, yellow ribbon or cord so they can be hung on the wall. The
colour red is auspicious in feng shui and symbolizes vitality, protection, and life force energy. The colour yellow is connected to the imperial court and is also auspicious.  

This set of coins must-have amulet Feng Shui keychain is packed with tonnes of good fortune symbols and characters. It focuses on five areas of life pertaining to success and wealth.

Ways to use the Chinese Coins for good Feng Shui 

Wearing Chinese Coins 

Chinese coins can be worn as powerful amulets for attracting wealth and protecting yourself. Wearing a set of nine coins (in total) as jewellery is particularly auspicious. When the coins are hung on a gold chain or red cord, they are amplified even more.

Placing in your wallet

Your wallet is where you keep your cash, credit cards, and identification, and it has something to do with your wealth and cash flow. To make a money magnet, put some of it in your wallet. Check to see if your wallet is in good shape (or, better yet, buy a new one!). Organize and keep track of your currency and credit cards.

Success in Career 

Your work environment, such as your home office or desk, represents your career and financial success. It makes sense to encourage financial success by utilizing Chinese coins and feng shui to attract good energy and fortune in all of your professional endeavours. Try hanging a set of ten coins on a red or yellow cord behind your chair or near your office’s entrance. The ten coins represent the ten emperors, and they invite money from a trustworthy and legal source.

Together With Other Wealth Symbols

To enhance and invite prosperity, wealth, and good luck, combine Chinese coins with other feng shui symbols (such as elephants, the mystic knot, wealth gods, and so on). The feng shui money frog (a three-legged toad) is frequently found perched on a bed of Chinese coins.

Active the Wealth Area

Finally, it can be used to activate your home’s wealth area. Stand in the front door and look inside to find your home’s wealth area. The area of the house associated with wealth is in the far left corner. The wealth area would be in the south-east direction if you used traditional compass methods.