Uses of Metal Singing bowls in Feng Shui

This Tibetan Singing Bowl is constructed of 7 metal alloys with its inner and outer surfaces etched with auspicious Tibetan symbols.

Singing bowls are both decorative items and Feng Shui cures. Singing bowls are functional and decorative accessories that bring the exotic flavour of oriental home decorating to modern room decor. They are also excellent tools for clearing space and bringing balance and harmony to home interiors. 

The sun, moon, and other planets of our galaxy are represented by singing bowls made of gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, zinc, and lead. The right combination of metals creates a negativity-piercing rhythm for clearing space, moving stuck energy, and clearing negative energy.

According to ancient Feng Shui, singing bowls create a rhythm that scares away all evil spirits and ghosts because they can’t stand certain resonance levels. In Tibet, singing bowls are still widely used to clear space. 

Singing bowls for space clearing 

When we sense stagnant, negative, sick, or stale energy in our spaces, we know that bad energy is causing blockages and problems in our lives. Purify space and Feng Shui homes to reintroduce good fortune into our lives.

The energy in an old house that hasn’t been renovated is weak. When done correctly, space clearing can clear negative energy and attract good fortune, making the people who live there happier.

By clearing the space you can create a light and relaxing atmosphere. Feng Shui homes benefit from space clearing because it creates new opportunities and instant good luck. 

Singing bowls correct bad Feng Shui without changing your home’s design, removing negativity and bad luck while generating positive energy that opens up new doors.  

Traditional Feng Shui homes or offices can benefit from singing bowls and space clearing to make them more inviting to clients, supporters, and friends. Humans instinctively avoid places with negative energy. 

Singing bowls are excellent decorative accessories for those who are too preoccupied with their daily lives to bother with monthly cures in various areas of the house. With a monthly space clearing with a singing bowl, you can clear all negative changes to remove them from your home  

Using a singing bowl to clear the space
  1. Sitting on the cushion, calmly hold the bowl in one hand and the wooden mallet in the other. Three times around the perimeter, strike the singing bowl. Following the striking, the bowl begins to vibrate.
  2. Make a continuous sound by rubbing the mallet against the bowl’s perimeter edge in a clockwise motion. To make this work perfectly, you’ll need some practice.
  3. It is best to clear space in the morning, between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. At 12 p.m., the strongest hour for Feng Shui homes is. Before beginning the space clearing, clean your house, take a bath, and put on some clean clothes.
  4.  For protection during the space clearing, carry the mystic knot or wear the Dzi bead.
  5. Allow the fresh air, sunlight, and energy to enter and flow through your home or office by opening all windows and doors.
  6. To generate and stimulate yang energy, turn on all lights and fans. Light a candle and place a sandalwood incense ingot on the incense dish, then move it around the areas you want to clear. Sandalwood’s aroma and smoke pervade every corner of the room, dispelling negativity and clearing the air.