Using Jasper Stone in Feng Shui Practice

Jasper stone

Jasper is an aggregate mineral that contains quartz as well as chalcedony and other minerals. It comes in many colors (yellow, green, blue, purple) due to the various impurities that may be contained, but the red form is prevalent due to iron. It is easy to carve and polish and can be used for many different decorative items. Jasper often has stripes or bands that amplify the healing and earthy energy of this stone.

Popular forms of jasper include bloodstone (a combination of red or yellow jasper and green quartz), brecciated jasper (hematite and jasper together), and Mookie (Australian jasper with purple, soft pink, and red colors).

The Energy of Jasper

In all its forms, Jasper is a significant stone in New Age and feng shui practice. Jasper is regarded as a very nourishing, warm, and protecting stone, but specific colors also impart their own energy. For example, red jasper is regarded as much more energizing than blue jasper.

The deeply nourishing, earthy jasper stone exists for thousands of years in many cultures worldwide. It is a good feng shui to wear jasper as jewelry. Generally, you will benefit from the earthy, nourishing essence of jasper if you need more energy, vitality or if you need the determination to pursue your goals. Although many stones can help one stay focused and determined—black onyx and hematite are two examples—jasper’s energy is different.

The energy that jasper provides is full of warmth. This stone helps you stay committed and determined without exhausting yourself or ruining your health. Jasper creates a full circle around your body in which both the yin and the yang. Yin means feminine. And yang means masculine andre balanced and supportive of each other.

Jasper is accommodating for people who easily burn out, as it helps maintain the subtle balance between giving and receiving and can help replenish inner energy resources. It is an earthy stone that warms one’s soul and clears one’s mind.

Using Jasper in Feng Shui

In feng shui, jasper commonly found in jewelry and used for various amulets and feng shui cures, such as the mystic knot, Pi aYo, and Wu Lou. You can also find many home decor feng shui cures using jasper, including figurines of the Buddha, elephants, turtles, and more.

Jasper has a special place in many feng shui cures because it is one of the main stones for Period 8 feng shui.

In your home, jasper can be an excellent feng shui stone for any Bagua area by earth or metal elements. For example, you can place two jasper hearts in the love and marriage Bagua area (southwest). You also can position a jasper bowl in the center of your home.

Wearing Jasper Jewelry

If you would like to wear jasper as jewelry, the most optimal picks will be jewelry pieces that are close to the first, second, or third chakras. Wrist and ankle bracelets, rings, and belts with jasper can be excellent choices to ground, protect, and nurture your energy.