Using Pyrite in Feng Shui Practice


Pyrite, the mineral commonly called fool’s gold, may have misled several gold miners over the years who confused it for the real thing, but a piece of good-quality pyrite is a must-have treasure for your feng shui collection of crystals and stones. Officially known as an iron disulfide, pyrite is a wonderful shiny mineral that instantly wakes up any space. In feng shui, it is highly energetic and generous in its ability to share optimistic energy. Raw pieces of pyrite usually form clusters, but stunning cubes and spheres are also available. You can also choose to wear pyrite in any form of jewelry—from beads and pendants to rings and bracelets. Pyrite carvings are increasingly popular, as well.

The Energy of Pyrite

For alternative healers and crystal enthusiasts, pyrite has several energetic virtues:

  • Pyrite radiates optimistic and cheerful energy that is also solid and grounding.
  • It is very protective and can shield you from negative energies while promoting a happy and cheerful state.
  • Pyrite is known to share its solid brightness quality to facilitate better judgment and a clear mental state.
  • It is an excellent stone to help with any business endeavors, as well as academic pursuits.
  • It will give you the optimism, clarity, and physical stamina necessary to pursue any of your endeavors.

Pyrite in Feng Shui Practice

Pyrite is one of the best feng shui stones for attracting the energy of wealth and abundance (another popular crystal for wealth is citrine). It can be used as a cluster, sphere, or cube or can be used in combination with various other popular feng shui cures for wealth, such as Chinese coins and the abundance ship. Next, it is also an excellent choice for your wealth vase, as well as a good decor piece for your living room or office. You can also use pyrite in any areas of your home that need the energizing and uplifting solar energy that this stone freely shares.

If you are using pyrite as a feng shui money cure, the best place to have your pyrite is in the wealth and money Bagua area of your home (southeast) or the office. You can also place pyrite in your own lucky direction for money.
When used as an energizing or protective cure, place your pyrite close to the front door, in the living room or office, or anywhere that will benefit from its unique combination of energies.

Choosing Pyrite

Most pyrite available on the commercial market comes from the U.S., South America, and Britain. When using pyrite as a feng shui money cure for the home, choose a pyrite cluster. When using it in business, choose a cube. A pyrite sphere can be excellent in a home office or living room. Of course, you can always benefit from the protective and energizing pyrite energy when wearing it as jewelry or carrying a small cluster in your pocket or purse.