Ways to Use Lavender for Good Feng Shui


Lavender is one of the most loved herbs and an ancient symbol of purity and cleanliness with many uses in feng shui. Having bunches of dried lavender around your home can be helpful and often leads to you using lavender in many creative ways (in gifts, to wrap crystals, etc.)

There are many ways to introduce the energy of lavender into your home and benefit from its healing properties. If you are not yet on “best friends terms” with this amazing herb, these tips will help you do just that.

01. Display Lavender Bunches

The easiest way to benefit from the presence of lavender in your home is to display it in a way that compliments your home decor and style. It’s recommended that you display your lavender bunches in various size ceramic white pitches, just because the purity of white color can help with general feng shui, but you choose what works best for your home. Feng shui-wise, you can display your lavender anywhere – from the bedroom to the bathroom, there are really no restrictions to it, and the usual “dried flowers are questionable feng shui” does not apply to lavender.

02. Use Lavender in Decor

You can also use lavender stems in various decor items around your home; decorate with lavender, creative lavender balls on top of big coffee table books, as well as lavender stems around big candles. You are only limited by your creativity when it comes to using lavender in your home decor, so feel free to play and enjoy it!

03. Make Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets are a very easy way to benefit from the energy of lavender year-round. All you need is a couple of small bags, preferably of natural fabric (cotton or silk), fill them with lavender, and you are done! Have these lavender sachets in your linen closets, under pillows, in your drawers, travel bags, etc.

You can even “designate” one for your laundry and use it in your dryer; be sure to tie it strongly so the bag does not open. For this purpose, though, it is usually better to use lavender essential oil rather than dried flowers. Put a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball, place the ball in a small bag, tie it and use it in your dryer to have your clothes smell heavenly!

04. Go for Lavender Oil Candles

Another ultra-easy way to benefit from the healing energy of lavender in your home (especially your bedroom) is to burn natural candles made with pure lavender essential oil. Be mindful of your candle ingredient and read the labels carefully. Most candles on the market pollute the air versus clean it because they contain toxins. You also want essential oil of lavender (pure substance), not lavender fragrance (an artificial and often toxic substance).

05. Lavender Essential Oil

Along with enjoying lavender in its dried form, buy yourself lavender essential oil, too. You can find many good suppliers of essential oils, so do not be afraid to try lavender oil from different companies and experience the difference for yourself. Wildcrafted lavender oil is often even better than organic, but you will still reap many benefits even if you go for a conventional one.

Inhaling the lavender scent, as well as using a few drops of lavender oil for a light head massage, can quickly pick up your energy.

06. Lavender Air Mist

Spraying lavender essential oil into the air is a very quick, easy, and delightful way to refresh the energy in any space. You can buy lavender essential oil mists in many places, and you can easily make your own. All you need is a small bottle, preferably glass, with a spray top and essential oil of lavender. Pour fresh water into your bottle, add a few drops of lavender essential oil, shake it, and you’re done!

The ratio of 15 to 20 drops to a 4 oz bottle should create a wonderful lavender mist but feel free to experiment and find what works best.

07. Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

If you have to spend many hours in your car, you should get an aromatherapy car diffuser. It is very easy to use and can considerably shift your mood and increase your well-being. You might find yourself stuck in bad traffic, but with lavender essential oil in the air, all it takes is a deep inhale, and you are in the fields of Provence!

The beautiful thing with lavender oil is that it is adaptogenic – meaning it relaxes you and at the same time makes you more alert and present, so there is no worry about feeling sleepy or unfocused while driving.

08. Candle Diffuser

At home, you can use a candle diffuser to benefit from the healing aroma of lavender oil. All you have to do is fill the basin at the top of the​ diffuser with water, add a couple of drops of essential oil, and light the candle at the base of the diffuser. The heat from the candle will help release the healing lavender scent into the air.

Candle diffusers can be a lovely way to add scent, as well as the healing glow of candlelight to any room as long as you remember to check on it from time to time and add water as needed.

09. Ultrasonic Diffuser

An ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is a great way to diffuse essential oils’ healing energy into the air. It is super easy to use – fill the basin with water, add essential oils, choose the time or diffusing functions (if available with your diffuser), plug it in, and forget about it!

The beauty of ultrasonic diffusers, along with their convenience, is that they also purify the air. Plus, many powerful ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers can cover really big areas – from 400 sq ft all the way to 2,000-3,000 sq ft spaces.

10. Bathtime With Lavender

Another beautiful way to benefit from the healing energy of lavender is to add a couple of drops of pure essential oil to your bath every night. Few things are more relaxing and pampering than immersing yourself in a hot bath filled with lavender scent.

Again, be sure you buy pure essential oil, ideally organic or wildcrafted. Once you start using the actual essential oil of lavender in your bathroom, you will be surprised to find out that most of the so-called lavender bath products do not contain lavender at all, just an artificially made fragrance. Your body will tell you the difference.

11. Use in Space Clearing

Using a few dried lavender stems during quick space clearing sessions can be rather helpful. The process is the same as with sage (in fact, many smudge sticks contain lavender), and the scent is delightfully sweet cleansing, and soothing. Around 2 or 3 lavender sticks are enough for the most delicious, cleansing, and refreshing energy in your space. Just like with smudging, be sure to watch for falling parts that might burn and use a fireproof container to be on the safe side.

12. Go to a Lavender Farm!

If you live somewhere near a lavender farm, mid-summer is the time to go and pick up your own lavender for feng shui purposes. Bigger farms will hold lavender festivals throughout July and August, where you can also make lavender body products, wreaths, and even lavender ice cream!

13. Lavender Healing

Make best friends with lavender and use it daily. There are so many ways this friendship will benefit you and so little you have to do in return! Nature is abundant with lavender (there are over 30 varieties of lavender), but only a few produce the highest quality essential oil. From replacing your perfume to asking to be used in cookies, tea, and ice cream, from adorning your house to protecting you from mosquito bites―all the while healing and strengthening your energy―lavender is the most amazing plant. Invite it into your home and keep this friendship going.