Wealth Ship for Good Feng Shui



Feng shui is the art of strategic placement of items in your home with the intent of bringing good energy, prosperity, and happiness to your life. There are several feng shui schools of thought, but it does not matter which school you follow. The only criteria for choosing a good feng shui cure is your connection to it. How much a specific cure speaks to you and the type of energy you want to bring into your home. One traditional feng shui symbol is the sailing ship.

About the Chinese Wealth Ship


A sailing ship is a universal symbol of the abundance brought by the winds and waters. Also, the meaning of a feng shui wealth ship is similar. It represents the energy of abundance sailing into port (your life). Placing a feng shui wealth ship in your home or office bring you greater success and fortune. Besides, it will increase your business’s capacity and profitability.

You can use any model wooden boat for your feng shui wealth ship cure. The more that a particular ship speaks to you of the energy of incoming abundance, the better. Because this feng shui cure is a symbolic representation of wealth, there are no strict feng shui guidelines other than your strong connection to its look and feel.

Traditionally, the wealth shiploads with many popular feng shui wealth symbols, such as golden ingots, Chinese coins, red envelopes with money, various crystals, and other cures.


There are several ways to decide on the ideal placement of your feng shui wealth ship. The best location will be based on your home decor and your taste and following basic feng shui guidelines. Since feng shui is all about the art of placement, the location for your wealth ship has relevance, too. There are three potential spots that you should consider: the money area, the wealth star area, or your lucky direction in the home.

Determining the location of your home’s feng shui money area depends on which feng shui school you follow. In classical school, the wealth or money area consider either the southeast corner of your home or office space. In western school, the money area is in your space’s upper left area as you view it on a floor plan.

It is also best to position your wealth ship so that its front points toward the home’s inner part. Not away from it. You want the energy of abundance to direct into your home (and your life) and not away from it.

Other Feng Shui Symbols of Wealth

The wealth ship is a viral traditional feng shui money cure because, unlike other wealth cures such as the three-legged toad or the Chinese coins, a wealth ship looks great in any space and with any decor.

Other popular feng shui cures thought to welcome wealth into your home include:

  • Adding an aquarium or fountain
  • Getting a lucky bamboo plant or a money tree
  • Making sure you close the lid to your toilet and shut the doors to your bathrooms.¬† Water, a symbol of money, drains away from your home via the toilet.
  • The proper placement of mirrors for feng shui purposes can also strengthen the energy of abundance in your home or office.