Fu Dogs for Good Feng Shui

The art of balancing energy in feng shui. Particularly, this creature is, also known as Imperial Guardian Lions, are a powerful feng shui protection symbol. Fu dogs can be seen in front of imperial palaces, temples, and government offices. Wealthy homes usually place this creature in front of their homes as a traditional feng shui sign of family and social status.

A Fu Dog statue outside a Chinese temple

This creature comes in pairs. The male Fu Dog holds a globe in his right paw, symbolizing dominance over his domain and protection of his home. The female Fu Dog is holding a cub in her left paw, indicating that she is a natural mother.

Moreover, it’s important to note that the lion isn’t a Chinese creature. In the past, travellers to china bring backstories on lions protecting the Dharma as Buddhist protectors. 

Fu Dog feng shui cures are now available in a variety of flavours and sizes to fit any home.


01. Fu Dog Tassel

A wooden fu dog tassle

Firstly, in Feng Shui, tassels are common as a Fu Dog symbol. Display the tassel near the front door of the house. Combine the auspicious feng shui power of the colour red with the protective energy of a mystic knot feng shui design. However, do not display the tassel in the bathroom or kitchen.


02. Jade Fu Dogs

Artistically crafted from green Jade, this pair of ferocious-looking yet devotedly loyal heavenly guardians is an absolute must-have for any home or office premises

Secondly, the energy of green jade enhances the powerful protection energy of this feng shui symbol besides, this is a great option for a front door facing east, south, or southeast.


03.  White Fu Dogs

1 Pair of white marble Fu dogs

Thirdly, ceramic Fu Dogs in a soft white colour can be a great addition to an Asian-themed room’s feng shui decor moreover, white ones radiate graceful energy that complements almost any interior design.


04. Metal Fu Dogs

Statue of a Fu Dog at the entrance of the Chinese Temple

Apart from this, a metal Fu Dog couple is ideal for a front door that requires the Metal feng shui element, such as one that faces northwest, west, or north (metal’s energy benefits the water feng shui element). On the male or Dragon, side of the house, the male Fu Dog (the one with the globe) is always placed (to the right of the main door). On the female or Tiger, side of the house, the female Fu Dog (with her cub) is placed (to the left of the main door). You can determine the right and left sides of the house by standing outside and facing your main door.


05. Colourful Fu Dogs

3 Different coloured Fu Dogs

Furthermore, multicolour Fu Dogs bring the feng shui energy of playfulness and celebration. As well as that, a multicolour Fu Dog couple is ideal for a west-facing or south-facing front door.


06. Porcelain Fu Dogs

This is a pair of colorful Fu Dogs seen stepping on a scroll and a book for excellent knowledge, education, academic and scholastic luck!

Lastly, Fu Dogs made of blue porcelain have a calming feng shui effect. Similarly, use it in almost any area which requires extra energy boost of protection inside the Bagua 

Regardless of which feng shui area of the Bagua you choose, be sure to place these Fu Dogs facing the main door or the outside of the house, not the inside.