What is Period 9?

Period 9


In Feng Shui, there are important concepts called cycles. It is divided into three cycles which refer to the upper, middle and lower cycles. Each cycle consists of three feng shui periods for a total of nine periods. Each period is fixed for 20 years.

Every period change causes significant energetic changes in the world, which can be seen in shifts in a variety of facets of life, including business and industry trends, culture, health, and spirituality. The shifts are caused by the movements of the planets and interactions between the Sun and the stars.

Now, we will also transition from the period 8 on the 4th of February 2024 to the period 9 until 3rd of February 2043. Each cycle is associated with a specific elemental energy and the period 9 is associated with the element Fire. The characteristics of each period can help us understand the energy changes. Period 9 brings transformation, especially in the thinking of everyone.


Health in Period 9

The element of fire represents passion, enthusiasm, symbolises light and transformation. The period 9 is a time of transformation and brings opportunities for personal progress and growth.

The fire element represents the eyes, the heart, the blood vessels, the small intestine, and the tongue. As the heart is located at the centre of the body, it controls blood flow, consciousness and emotions. In this era of the internet, many people spend long hours on their digital devices, which over time can lead to more eye problems than before. The small intestine is responsible for the digestion and absorption of food. So meals should not be rushed so that there is enough time for absorption to fully occur. The tongue has the ability to taste. So it’s also important to make sure you eat foods that stimulate saliva production. So, it’s important to take precautions against these health problems and get outdoors more often to enjoy nature.


Fengshui Tips for Period 9

The Fire element is associated with energy, ambition and creativity. So symbolises bright colours such as red, purple, orange and pink. Therefore, having items associated with these colours at home or wearing clothes in these colours will enhance your ability to succeed. This is because these energies can help to attract good things to you.

For houses and building, the energies of the Northeast and Southwest are beginning to subside as we move into Period 9. The best directions in Period 9 are North and South. Therefore, Feng Shui therapy is necessary to rejuvenate our houses or buildings. If you are planning to buy house, it is advisable to look for a house that is tall and facing the south direction or can face the water in the north direction. In Feng Shui, tall buildings represent mountains, while the south represents good health and relationships. North-facing water, on the other hand, represents wealth and wealth gathering.

Industries in Period 9

The industries that will benefit the most from Period 9 are oil, gas, solar energy, electrical engineering, designers, social media, photography, virtual technology, computer-related industries, beauty-related industries, film-related industries, and more. In the Five Elements, because wood begets fire, industries with the wood element such as culture and media and education will develop smoothly. Water is opposite to Fire, so industries such as finance and transport will develop slowly. Fire and Gold are mutually exclusive, so the gold industries related to machinery and steel will be hindered. Whereas industries that are not fire elemental may be hampered in some ways, we can try to transform it into ways that have fire qualities. For example, innovative product packaging or changing something etc.


Person affected in Period 9

Each period has a corresponding trigram, and period 9 is influenced by the Nine Purple Stars. This signals growth for middle-aged women, new media, business, creativity and fame. Individuals will begin to pay more attention to their social status and the glamorous image they display elsewhere, especially middle-aged women. Women will become more powerful in all areas of society, but they will also need to be cautious.


Feng Shui can affect a person’s destiny, health, wealth, career, relationships, growth and more. While energy is important in Feng Shui, we also need to maintain a positive mindset and stabilise our minds to resolve even setbacks. Instead of worrying about possible future setbacks because of Period 9. W+e can embrace change and try to understand the concept of transformation, which brings new energy and opportunities for growth.


Feng Shui objects for Good Luck

  • The Magic Macaw : The Direct Spirit of Period 9 brings immense wealth and abundance luck. Activating this area in your home or office with this ensures you seize all the wonderful opportunities it brings while safeguarding your existing prosperity.

  • Period 9 Feng Shui Windhorse : This Windhorse for Period 9 bears the Daktar, a mystical tool employed to attract abundance and prosperity. Position it either in the SW or South in year of the dragon 2024.