Worst Feng Shui Headboard


A good feng shui headboard is one of the crucial elements of a good feng shui bed. A good headboard will create strong and supportive energy for your bed, which provides for better sleep, as well as an overall sense of being supported in life.

A weak headboard–or an absence of a headboard altogether–will do the opposite. Feng shui-wise, a weak headboard cannot provide you with the energy of support and stability we all need. And if that sounds strange, think how much time we spend in bed!

We are being so mindful about choosing chairs and sofas with good backing (for obvious reasons), but when it comes to a more subtle energetic backing and support, most of us are unaware of the importance of a good feng shui headboard.

To help you understand what makes a good feng shui headboard, we’ve actually created a gallery of bad feng shui headboards. Yes, knowing what to avoid sometimes makes it very easy to know what to go for.

Let’s look at the 10 worst feng shui headboards.

01. White Metal Headboard

White Metal Headboard

Metal headboards are considered undesirable feng shui for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that metal is cold to the touch/has cold energy, and feng shui wise is not the energy you want in your bed! EMF-wise, metal also tends to have residual magnetism and can even act as giant antennae (sources: ElectricSense and emfs.com). Knowing how polluted our bedrooms are with high EMFs, it is wise to avoid a metal headboard in your bedroom.

Now that you know more about a metal headboard’s energy, no matter how pretty this white and feminine headboard looks, it is still a bad feng shui headboard. Besides, this headboard also has very weak energy, basically providing no energetic backing.

02. Wood Spindles Headboards

Wood Spindles HeadboardsWhile wooden headboards are certainly much better than metal ones, the headboard’s design is as important as its material. All designs that create “energetic holes” or have considerable empty spaces within the headboard space are considered weak and not good feng shui. This headboard style is definitely one of them. Besides, this specific design looks boring and dated, don’t you agree?

03. Custom Made Headboard

Custom Made Headboard

This particular headboard design might look quite dramatic, as well as clever, considering the positioning of the bed (notice what’s happening behind the headboard). However, dramatic and clever is not enough for good feng shui. This headboard’s energy is scattered in pieces and mirrors the squares on the nearby wall, making it even weaker.

A good feng shui headboard is always a headboard that serves as a focal point rather than mirrors other design elements in the bedroom, especially similar elements. This headboard’s energy is scattered and weak; it’s the energy of many pieces floating around with no strength, focus, or support.

04. Modern Metal Spindles Headboard

Modern Metal Spindles Headboard

Here is another metal headboard that combines two of the worst features, feng shui-wise. It is made from metal (and we’ve already covered why metal headboards are not good for feng shui), and it has one of the worst designs–the metal spindles that can bring to mind either hospital or prison beds. Yes, this particular design is visually way more pleasing and modern than the one we looked at before, but its energy is still the same – weak and unsupportive.

05. Black Headboard With Storage

Black Headboard With Storage

Headboards with storage are never a good idea. Beds with storage, in general, are considered bad feng shui, and a headboard with storage or display windows like the one pictured here is even worse. It can easily turn into a feng shui nightmare. Displaying or hanging anything above your bed–especially above your head–is really bad feng shui, let alone does not make sense energetically. What would you place on that headboard–a vase, a couple of books, a photo? What if they all fall? This design is really bad feng shui and defeats the purpose of a good feng shui headboard–to provide energetic strength, support, and calm.

06. Tall Wooden Headboard With Spindles

Tall Wooden Headboard With Spindles

Here is a headboard design that might look visually pleasing, even beautiful, but energetically it is really weak. The combination of height and spindles design, plus the mattress’s low positioning, create unsettling energy that is by no means supportive or nourishing.

07. Low Headboard With Storage

Low Headboard With Storage

Here is another headboard that, even though with a solid backing–always good feng shui!–also has storage, which is a pretty bad feature for a bed. Storing things under the bed, or behind the bed, as in this case, creates stagnant and often confusing energy. Why would you want this energy in your bedroom?

08. Upholstered Divided Headboard

Upholstered Divided Headboard

This headboard design looks visually pleasing, and it is upholstered, too, which in most cases creates an excellent feng shui headboard. However, notice it is divided in two. And yes, you might think this is not that big of a deal, but energetically it is. An ideal feng shui headboard creates strength and provides a good backing for the bed, promoting the energy of unity. This is the energy you want in your bed and your relationship—United, not divided.

09. Ornate Metal Headboard

Ornate Metal Headboard

Here is a headboard that looks beautiful, visually pleasing, and even uplifting in a royal kind of way. And it’s also not good for feng shui. Apart from the fact that it is a metal headboard–and all-metal headboards create “not-so-good” feng shui in the bedroom–it also has an energy and movement that is more suited for a throne rather than a bed.

10. Modern Wooden Headboard

Modern Wooden Headboard

And here is another bad feng shui headboard. It looks nice. However, by now, you have learned that “nice” is not always good for feng shui if the energy created by a particular headboard cannot provide energetic support and strength. This headboard is one of those cases–it’s good-looking, attractive, modern. It can bring character and warmth to any modern bedroom. And, it is not good for feng shui.

Notice how it creates empty spaces–energetic holes–that promote the leakage of energy. There is no continuous solidity or a sense of energetic support in this headboard, so it is definitely a headboard design to avoid.

This concludes our exploration of bad feng shui headboards; now you have the eyes to distinguish between the good and the bad ones.