Bad Neighbors: How To Deal With Them

Bad Neighbors


Do you have bad energy coming from your neighbors’ house? Perhaps you wonder if there are good feng shui cures to help protect your house from their house. Can your house still have good feng shui even if neighbors feng shui is terrible?

This is an excellent feng shui question. However, the answer will depend on many specific details. If you really love your house and want to keep it in good feng shui shape, it might be best to have a feng shui consultant on-site, where she or he can give you appropriate feng shui cures.

There is also a chance that the best feng shui for you might mean you have to move to a new house. We know this is not the feng shui answer you want to hear, but it is something to consider if the outside energy gets intolerable.

Feng Shui Cures

Feng shui is very powerful, but it is not a magical solution for everything in life. The best feng shui cures are often the common sense cures, just treated from a different perspective.

Having said that, let’s look at some general feng shui cures to help deal with bad energy coming from a neighbor’s house.

Create strong protective energy around your house.

If you deal with bad feng shui from an adjacent house, focus on creating powerful, protective energy around your own house. This might mean having a good fence around the house (make it beautiful!), using tall evergreens in your landscaping, or creating a feng shui rock garden in the area where you feel most of the bad energy is coming from. You can also use tall metal wind chimes if you feel this gives more protection and strength to your surroundings.

Use the power of reflective surfaces to push the energy back where it came from.

In traditional feng shui, the Bagua mirror is used as a tool to push the negative energies back, thus protecting the house from bad feng shui coming from an outside source. You do not have to use a Bagua mirror unless you absolutely love it, but do put this feng shui principle to work. Many modern garden decorations can become powerful feng shui protective curesā€”from the so-called witches balls (mirror balls) to whirligigs and tall sculptures with a specific design.

Use feng shui to strengthen the most affected areas inside your house.

If you have windows or doors in the most affected area by the bad feng shui energy coming from your neighbors, be sure to strengthen these areas. Go for appropriate window treatments, strengthen your front door, and use strong, protective colours and art. You can also look into feng shui to attract specific helpful energy into your life; ask for that slight chance that your neighbors might move!

Noisy Neighbors

As for the noise levels, explore practical solutions because there is truly a limit to how much soothing music can listen to neutralize the noise. You can either talk to your neighbors, you can call the police, or you can call your real estate agent.

If it takes too much struggle to keep the peace and enjoyment in your present house because of outside factors, take a bold step and decide to move.

You might be surprised that the energy of decisiveness created by you might actually push your neighbors to move. You never know. The universe works in mysterious ways, and the best you can do is be true to yourself and very clear with your intent.