Career and business opportunities in 2022

If you live as rat in other people’s mazes, you can’t move their cheese. You are the master of your own destiny. As a result, you must be able to stand out and reach further than your average self. In order to maximise the excellent energies to the maximum extent possible in 2022, it is a recommended habit to look closely at all career-enhancing fields. You want to build the best network, increase sales, and gain career/business knowledge. The recipe for getting there is one that simultaneously triggers great luck, creativity, and increased revenue. The chart below summarises the most prominent professional sectors in 2022. To get the most out of each area, you must capitalise on it for career and business opportunities in 2022.


2022 business & career luck

In average, there are three areas in which we may capitalise on career and business opportunities in 2022:

1. Pian Quiren – the benefactor star who will bring you helpful individuals (from new contacts, new social networks, and new pals) in order to boost your professional and business success.

2. Zheng Quiren – the beneficiary star, who will bring you helpful people (from available records of planning, family members, relatives, and friends) to help you achieve greater career and business success.

3.In 2019, Wen Chang star #4 will sail to the city of creativity.

4. In 2022, the riches star #8 will fly to a place with more sales and revenue.