Easy Guide to Choosing a Good Feng Shui House


A home is an important and valuable investment for every one of us. This investment not only involved money besides it’s also investing in the good health, happiness, prosperity, and wealth of your family members. Therefore, it is vital and worthwhile to analyze the basic feng shui of the house before choose to buy it.

Below are a quick checklist of feng shui tips if you going to choosing a new house with good feng shui energy.

Choose a house with a regular square or rectangular shape without any missing corner. Avoid irregular-shaped like “L” or “U” shape houses.

Look for a house that faces an open land or has a wide-open area with greens in front of it. It is very auspicious as the house has a bright hall effect and enjoy extreme good fortune.

Look for a house that has support at the back, such as elevated land, a clump of trees, or a taller building.

Avoid house has any sharp-edged structures pointing toward it, such as pointed roof, corner of a building, or sharp-edge sculpture.

Look out for any power station, hospital, and graveyards near the house. Also, stay away from a house that has a church, temple, or mosque very close to it. This brings inauspicious chi to the house which will affect the health energy of the house.

Make sure the house’s main door is not overwhelmed by landscaping such as a big tree. Because in Feng Shui theory, this is not good and will prevent and block opportunities for the homeowner. Consider removing those trees at all possible.

Avoid houses that face a T-junction road, near heavy traffic road, or under fast road like highways as well as houses located at the dead-end of a road.

Wishing you good luck when choosing your new house with all the good feng shui.

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